Ritchie says his 'Sherlock Holmes' still lacks a Watson (Mania.com)

Date: Thursday, September 04, 2008
Source: www.empireonline.com

At the world premiere of his new movie 'RocknRolla', director Guy Ritchie chatted up Empire Magazine about rumors swirling his new 'Sherlock Holmes' movie. The film is to be an action-oriented take on the master detective with Robert Downey Jr. in the lead role.

"I don't have a Watson," Ritchie told Empire. "Somebody just told me that I have Russell Crowe lined up but that's news to me. I suspect that hasn't happened and I'm still looking for my Watson."

In the mean time the film is ramping up pre-production.

"We've got what I'd like to think are some of the best locations in London and with this film I get to show a whole new side to London. I've done contemporary and now I won't be doing that, obviously."

Series: Sherlock Holmes