By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Thursday, October 16, 2008


Congratulations Peggy1116

Your campaign promise of making sure Lucy sets up shop has won you this DVD (although we're not really sure what "making Lucy set up shop" actually means). Check your private messages (see the messages indicator at the top right side of the page) for details on claiming your prize.

Everyone else: we've got a new DVD giveaway starting today so keep your eyes peeled!

Who will you vote for this November? McCain? Obama? Ron Paul?

I'm voting for Charlie Brown!

A new edition of Charles Schulz's cartoon based on one of the world's most popular comic strips debuted on DVD this week.

'You're not Elected, Charlie Brown' finds everyone's favorite put-upon grade-schooler running for student body president. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Doesn't that sound exciting? Doesn't that sound impossible??

With Lucy's polling help, good ol' Charlie Brown realizes he doesn't have a chance. So he backs Linus, who runs on a pro-recess, anti-homework platform. Why, he once even shared his peanut butter sandwich with a prospective constituent. Talk about a shoo-in! Unless, of course, Linus talks about a certain Santa-like character who rises out of the pumpkin patch each Halloween, a belief sure to blow his chances with voters.



Join the fun and cast your vote for 'You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown', now on the campaign trail in a sparkling Re-mastered Deluxe Edition with Improved Picture and Audio.

Comics2Film at has one copy of 'You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown' to give away to one lucky reader!

How do you win? Just post a comment below, discussing what you'd do if you were elected anything! We'll give everyone a week to post their campaign promises. Then we'll choose one at random.

The winner will be announced here on October 16th and notified via private message on the message boards.