Hurd says INCREDIBLE HULK 2 still on the table (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Friday, October 24, 2008

When 'The Incredible Hulk' debuted this summer, fans agreed that it is a vast improvement over the character's previous big screen outing. However, movie audiences seemed no more interested in the redo as box office tallies were virtually identical for both movies.

The under-performance of the film, directed by Louis Leterrier and starring Edward Norton, left the prospect of a sequel uncertain. However, Gale Anne Hurd, who produced both movies recently told MTV that she aims to make another one that would see Norton return to the role.

"It's all going to depend on the screenplay and where his character goes in any sequel, because [Norton] does have a multiple-picture deal," she said.

It should come as no surprise to fans who saw the first movie that a follow-up could involve Hulk's comic book nemesis The Leader. The character was ably set up by actor Tim Blake Nelson, who played a quirky scientist who becomes exposed to Banner's freak DNA and starts to mutate in one scene of the movie.

"When I think of all the many, many, many villains in the Hulk universe, we've now done the Abomination, so wouldn't it be great to tackle the Leader?" It's a completely different type of cerebral villain, which would give the movie a terrific new take on the character," Hurd told MTV. "It would be a blast, and Tim Blake Nelson is tremendous and a very talented filmmaker in his own right."

Of course, fans expect Hulk to appear in the 2011 'Avengers' movie. Hurd concurs that that's the most likely place we'll see Hulk next. In that weird world of Marvel synergy, it's unclear as to whether or not Hurd will be involved with that movie, even though she's attached to the film rights of the character. At this point Marvel has not discussed the prospect with her.

Hurd, a fan of the Hulk since her early years, also said she's happy to wait until the time is right for the follow up.

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