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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Monday, November 03, 2008
Source: Various

We've got a couple of new 'Watchmen' items to alert you to today:

Dave Gibbons intervew

Our own Tim Janson sits down with 'Watchmen' co-creator Dave Gibbons to talk about his new book "Watching the Watchmen".

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Official Website Update

The official website for the movie now has a page devoted to the character The Comedian, including his brief biography, a downloadable wallpaper and Buddy icons.

Bios for the remaining chararacters are coming soon.

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Leah Moore interview chats with writer Leah Moore, who also happens to be the daughter of 'Watchmen' creator Alan Moore.

The interview has many interesting and insightful remarks, such as this one:

"I saw the trailer on YouTube and it looks visually impressive, very close to Dave’s artwork. I saw it in the cinema the other day and it was really weird to see all that stuff up on the big screen. It feels like Watchmen was a part of my childhood, and now it’s up there really bright and loud and everyone can see it suddenly. Imagine someone suddenly doing a feature film about the random objects in your parent’s living room from when you were small, and you get close to how surreal it is.

"I will go and see it certainly, out of curiosity and to see if it was done as well as everyone hopes, or as badly as everyone fears.

"I suspect it will end up mysteriously in the middle of the two like V for Vendetta. V was very like Dave Lloyd’s drawings and was very thrilling to watch, but left me feeling all weird, like they’d switched the most vital thing in the book with something else, and hoped no-one would notice.

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