Djimon Hounsou cast as toon BLACK PANTHER (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Source: Variety

Longtime Comics2Film readers have been clamoring for this exact casting for many years now. This week Variety makes it official.

Djimon Hounsou has been cast in the lead role of BET Networks and Marvel Animation's 'Black Panther' animated series.

The actor will lend his voice to the cable show, which will be adapted from six issues of the Marvel comic that was relaunched in 2005. Reginald Hudlin, former BET president and producer of the acclaimed 'Boondocks' cartoon, wrote the comics on which the show will be based.

"It's a blessing for African Americans and minorities to have a superhero they can identify with," said Hounsou of the character.

"The Black Panther" is Marvel's entrée into prime-time animation, and Djimon raises the bar for all involved as we bring the best in the animation business together to execute that vision," Marvel Animation prexy Eric Rollman told Variety.

Fans saw a 'Black Panther' trailer at Comic-Con this summer, which was basically crude animatics based on John Romita Jr's artwork from the comics series. Hopefully the actual show will raise the bar as Rollman said.

While having Hounsou voice the character on TV, wouldn't it be cool to see him be the character on the big screen? Plans for a 'Black Panther' movie have been rolling around Hollywood for many years now. Wesley Snipes' Amon Ra Productions were long attached, with Snipes linked for the lead role as recently as two years ago. Last year John Singleton said he would be directing a film based on the character.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the 'Black Panther' toon? What about a live-action feature? Should Hounsou carry the role to the big screen? Post your comments below...

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