By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2008
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The internet is bursting with comic book movie news so without further ado...


IRON MAN 2 screenwriter talks

Justin Theroux is out there chatting up the DVD release of his movie 'Tropic Thunder' but IGN snuck him a few 'Iron Man 2' questions.

One thing Theroux appreciates about the Robert Downey Jr. version of the character is his ability to use his charisma. "Iron Man is just a unique character in the comic book world. He can get away with being incorrigible, slightly awful, funny, sexist at times. He has a very high threshold for things that he can do and get away with," Theroux said to IGN. "So in a weird way it's a lot of fun writing for him and it's not like writing a more stoic superhero part. Obviously, you have the story elements and the action elements and all those gears of that you want to make sure are well oiled. But within that you can have a lot of play."

Theroux also said the movie will carry a similar tone as the first, and not be concerned with opening the door to some of the more fantastic Marvel universe elements that the character will encounter in 'The Avengers'.

"It's not really our job to suit all the other characters. Our first concern – Jon [Favreau]'s first concern – is that we raise the level on 'Iron Man 2' and make sure the audience gets exactly and more of what they wanted before in a really satisfying story that's really fun and playful. As good a movie as possible. And after that we'll think about ways that we can plug in other elements that might exist in other films or other worlds."

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is TORSO not dead after all?

Earlier in the week we told you that the movie version of Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko's graphic novel 'Torso' may be heading off a cliff, in spite of the attachment of director David Fincher and stars Matt Damon and Case Affleck.

Now, reports that they've checked in with their sources at Paramount. Their sources tell them that the studio is, indeed, exercising their option (which was set to expire on the 15th) and making the movie a priority. CHUD reports that budgeting is underway. The article also cautions that this is not a green light and the movie may continue to toil in development hell.

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The Feed blog at floats a rumor that Phil Morris' Martian Manhunter charactrer from 'Smallville' may be the subject of a new series on The CW after the Superboy show runs its course.

As fans know Tom Welling isn't signed for a ninth season and the network has being looking for something to fill the void. They had toyed around with a Dick Grayson show, but that deal recently fell apart.

G4 rightfully wonders how a show focused on middle-aged character would fit into the youth-oriented programming of The CW.

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World's Finest DVD Report took a look at the mega collection of 'Batman: The Animated Series' on DVD:

Overall Batman: The Complete Animated Series comes Highly Recommended if you don’t already own the previous releases. If you do own them and are a big fan of the series then I’d still look into picking this release up. You could sell off the previous volumes on eBay and recoup nearly enough to purchase the new set by itself, so you wouldn’t lose much by trading up—and the awesome packaging and new featurette is worth the hassle, I think.

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World's Finest DVD Report also checks out the 'Superman: Doomsday' DVD so you don't have to!

Overall this Blu-ray release is definitely a worthy upgrade from the standard single disc DVD release, especially if you’re a fan of the film. The two new featurettes are interesting enough to check out, but it’s the 1080p video transfer that will really push you to upgrade, as it is quite the impressive visual feast. A Recommended double dip.

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Official Episode Descriptions, Premiere Date Information For WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN

The Nicktoons Network has provided Marvel Animation Age with official information on the upcoming Wolverine and The X-Men premiere.

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And, finally, takes a look at the movie based on the French comic book 'Largo Winch'.

A fun slice of escapism, neatly packaged for international consumption, Large Winch falls just a sliver short of creating a new action-adventure franchise, although a sequel is apparently at script stage. Lanky French stand-up comic Tomer Sisley isn't conventionally movie-hero rugged as the titular protagonist but, playing a rebellious Yugoslav orphan adopted as a baby by a billionaire tycoon, he's appealing enough to keep this comic book-inspired romp rolling.

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