Toy Manic: G.I. Joes Flint in Cobra Disguise Review (

By:Robert T. Trate
Review Date: Friday, January 23, 2009


G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra is still months away, August, to be precise. But if you have noticed, as I have the G.I. Joe toy rack is growing bigger and bigger, as if the mid to late eighties have returned. Star Wars products and action figures are becoming less prominent. When I was kid G.I. Joe took over my world. I had everything from the U.S.S. Flag to a subscription to the G.I. Joe magazine. When I got home from school G.I. Joe was the first thing that I turned on. It ruled, for a while. Then it got all weird, everything from Cobra-La, Ninjas running rampant and then space creatures. Dr. Mindbender growing Serpentor might have been the beginning of the end but at least it taught me all about DNA.
With the release of the film a whole new generation is about to be bombarded with G.I. Joe. Hasbro is now going out of their way and making particular figures exactly as they appeared on the cartoon (see gallery for Baroness and Underwater Trooper). Originally all of the action figures were based on their cartoon counterparts but there were many that were left on the animation cells. While searching the toy aisle I found Warrant Officer Flint in Cobra Disguise from the G.I. Joe: Revenge of Cobra Mini Series (Episode 2).
The details of the accessories are amazing; belts, knife, knife holder and a rifle that is actually a Cobra rife from the TV series. The topper is an additional head so that Flint can truly look like a Cobra Soldier. If only it came with a clear blue laser blast to attach to the front of the rifle. Hasbro does this with Star Wars action figures, why not G.I. Joe? The interchangeable head is nice and I am always for any figure that helps you build up your army of grunts.
Now comes the time in which I do something that most of us refuse to do. I open Flint. I know it sounds crazy but he is from one of the latest waves (11) and won’t be worth very much. Besides the coolest thing about having a figure with over 10 points of articulation is posing him. I am not a savage child anymore so I decide to cut Flint from his package instead of tearing him out. Then it hits me, that new fresh paint smell that has long since faded off of my other figures. I inhale it quickly and relish it for as long as it lasts.
The first thing that I notice, besides the highly visible screws, is that the rubber band mid section is gone and Flint has a more poseable torso. The figure itself is flimsy and frail. I am almost afraid that I am going to break it. I can only imagine what a kid will put one of these figures through. Maybe opening Flint up was a bad idea.
Flint is left handed, though the location of his wrist watch would indicate otherwise but it is the only hand that will hold the rifle. After several minutes of feeling like I going to snap his twig-like arms I finally get Flint into an acceptable pose. He seems rather dull standing there all by himself. Flint in Cobra disguise should have come in a three pack with Mutt (in disguise), Junkyard and Shipwreck. As far as a vehicle goes that sand sailboat would have been a perfect addition too.
After popping his head off I do the switch and truly the cooler of the two figures emerges. Now here stands a badass Cobra Soldier with sleeves shoved back and ready to kill some Joes. My newly recruited Cobra Solider seems to be missing something. I for one love to use all the accessories my toys come with so Flint’s severed head placed on a stake seems appropriate.
As cool as the new figures look they are incredibly flimsy and awful to pose, despite the multiple points of articulation. Flint’s likeness is great but let’s face it he isn’t iconic. By placing the second head on the figure I have an action that is worthy to join the toy shelf. All hail COBRA!
RETRO Toy Commercial of the week:
I looked all over YouTube for the scene in which Mutt and Flint are in the Cobra disguises. One would think that since that was the first appearance of Shipwreck on the cartoon it would be on there. Sadly it was not. Here is a commercial featuring the Cobra Flight Pods and Flint (notice his oddly shaped head).

Mania Grade: B+