Just Another Judgement Day (Mania.com)

By:Tim Janson
Review Date: Friday, January 23, 2009


Just Another Judgement Day is the ninth book in Simor R. Green’s Nightside series featuring the exploits of paranormal investigator John Taylor. After a tepid, The Unnatural Inquirer, John Taylor is back with perhaps his greatest challenge yet and book that is filled with a number of new developments in the Nightside and with some of the main characters. 
The Nightside finally has some new people in charge although John isn’t necessarily too happy with them. The new Authorities include several past and future enemies but they seem to have the best intensions in mind. John knows something very big is happening when Walker arrives at his home and tells him the new Authorities need his help and that he’s the only person who can save the Nightside. Considering the dark and secret part of London is home to Gods and beings even more powerful, John thinks he is being set-up. 
But then the Authorities tell John what is coming to the Nightside…The Walking Man, the living embodiment of the wrath of God…not one of the pagan deities that are worshipped in the Nightside, but THE GOD! It’s said that nothing can stop the Walking Man. No weapon made of magic or science can hurt him. The Walking Man has come to destroy sin in the Nightside and that means a lot of people, perhaps even John Taylor, are going to die. John is joined by his love, Suzie Shooter, and the Hindu Hero Chadra Singh in hoping to halt or slow down God’s wrath. However the when the Walking Man shows John the scope of the atrocities that he is avenging, he finds himself morally torn. 
You have to wonder how many times Simon R. Green can go to the well to pull out a new apocalyptic storyline. Suffice to say that it will be hard to top this one. When John uses his gift to locate the Walking Man, the being merely smiles at him and says hello, nearly freezing the blood in John’s veins. This is a being that is supremely confident in his ability and his mission.
Green amps up the carnage unlike any other previous story with the possible exception of Lilith’s war a few books earlier. I like how Green humbled John in this story. He forced him to seek help from those he normally would avoid but at the same time you had to admire his courage in facing a being who could wipe him out with a look.
Green also begins to develop John and Suzie’s relationship, and we can see Suzie begin to heal the mental wounds from her own traumatic and abused youth. It’s a slow, but a terrifically heartfelt process. Add to that, there is a startling revelation about the Henry Walker, the Nightside’s caretaker that will have tremendous implications in series’ future. 
As always, the Nightside book are a quick read and many of the supporting characters, as colorful as they are, are not overly developed, but it’s all secondary next to John’s mission to stop the Wrath of God.

Mania Grade: A-
Book: Just Another Judgement Day
Written By: Simon R. Green
Publisher: ACE Books
Pages: 265, Hardcover
Price: $24.95