Gaiman's GRAVEYARD Wins Award (

By:Jarrod Sarafin
Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Source: Publisher's Weekly

While most of the press focuses attention on the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, PGA, and the upcoming Academy Awards, it's easy to miss the fact that this is a season where some genre books are also on getting selected for various awards as well. PublishersWeekly reports that a host of 2008 novels have been handed prizes from the American Library Association’s ceremony in Denver.

Leading the most notables of award winners, Neil Gaiman received the 2009 Newbery Medal for his latest HarperCollins novel The Graveyard Book. Beth Krommes has likewise won the 2009 Randolph Caldecott Medal for The House in the Night, which was written by Susan Marie Swanson.

Four other Newbery Honors include:

The Underneath by Kathi Appelt (S&S/Atheneum);

The Surrender Tree: Poems of Cuba's Struggle for Freedom by Margarita Engle (Henry Holt);

Savvy by Ingrid Law (Dial/Walden Media);

After Tupac & D Foster by Jacqueline Woodson (Putnam).

For a full list of the winners, click here.

The most high profile award show for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is of course the Nebula Awards, which will be held April 24-26 at the Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard, with the awards presentation banquet to be held on the UCLA campus to tie in with the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. The Nebula Awards Weekend is open to the public with advance registration.

Here's the nominees for this year's Nebulas;

Abraham, Daniel: A Betrayal in Winter (Tor, Jul07)
Barzak, Chris: One for Sorrow (Bantam, Sep07)
Bull, Emma: Territory (Tor, Jul07)
Doctorow, Cory: Little Brother (Tor, Apr08)
Goonan, Kathleen Ann: In War Times (Tor, May07)
Le Guin, Ursula K.: Powers (Harcourt, Sep07)
McDevitt, Jack: Cauldron (Ace, Nov07)
McDonald, Ian: Brasyl (Pyr, May07)
Pratchett, Terry: Making Money (Harper, Sep07)
Rothfuss, Patrick: The Name of the Wind (DAW, Apr07)

Asaro, Catherine: The Spacetime Pool (Analog, Mar08)
Benford, Gregory: Dark Heaven (Alien Crimes, SFBC, Jan07?)
Eskridge, Kelley: Dangerous Space (Dangerous Space, Aqueduct Press, Jun07)
Finlay, Charles Coleman: The Political Prisoner (F&SF, Aug08)

Bowes, Richard: If Angels Fight (F&SF, Feb08)
Flynn, Michael F. : Quaestiones Super Caelo et Mundo (Analog, Aug07 (Jul/Aug07 issue))
Gardner, James Alan: The Ray-Gun: A Love Story (Asimov's, Feb08)
Goldstein, Lisa: Dark Rooms (Asimov's, Nov07 (Oct/Nov 07 issue))
Kessel, John: Pride and Prometheus (F&SF, Jan08)
Kosmatka, Ted: The Prophet of Flores (Asimov's, Sep07)
Moles, David: Finisterra (F&SF, Dec07)
Sinisalo, Johanna: Baby Doll (The SFWA European Hall of Fame, Tor, Jun07
(trans. from the Finnish by David Hackston))
Wentworth, K.D.: Kaleidoscope (F&SF, May07)

Short Stories:
Allen, Mike: The Button Bin (Helix: A Speculative Fiction Quarterly, Oct07
(Reprinted in Transcriptase)
Cassutt, Michael: Skull Valley (Asimov's, Nov07 (Oct/Nov 07 issue))
Finch, Sheila: Stranger Than Imagination Can (The Guild of Xenolinguists, Golden
Gryphon Press, Sep07)
Ford, Jeffrey: The Dreaming Wind (Coyote Road, Trickster Tales, Viking Juvenile, Jul07)
Henderson, Samantha: Bottles (Realms of Fantasy, Apr07)
Hobson, M. K.: The Hotel Astarte (Realms of Fantasy, Jun07)
Johnson, Kij: 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss (Asimov's, Jul08)
Jones, Gwyneth: The Tomb Wife (F&SF, Aug07)
Kelly, James Patrick: Don't Stop (Asimov's, Jun07)
Nestvold, Ruth: Mars: A Traveler's Guide (F&SF, Jan08)
Plante, Brian: The Astronaut (Analog, May07)
Rickert, Mary: Holiday (Subterranean #7, Sep07)
Scholes, Ken: Summer in Paris, Light From the Sky (Clarkesworld Magazine, Nov07)
Van Pelt, James: How Music Begins (Asimov's, Sep07)