LOST: Jughead (Mania.com)

By:Joe Oesterle
Review Date: Thursday, January 29, 2009
Source: JoeArtistWriter


OK, this is a long one, so we’ll just skip the preamble and get right to the good stuff. Enjoy.
What Penny Knows
   There is no doubt in my mind that Charles Widmore’s little girl knows much more than she’s letting on. I’m even developing some nagging feelings that darling Penelope is a little duplicitous in all of this. I hope I’m wrong, because after a few isolated years of saving the world every 108 minutes, poor ol’ Des deserves a shot at happily ever after.
   Penny extracting the promise never to return to the island in the beginning of this episode seems strange. Aside from the Faraday dream/recollection, Desmond and Penny seem deliriously happy sailing the seas on their boat. Why does Penny suspect Desmond will need to go back? Desmond never wants to see that place again at this point. It’s like Penny asking him to promise to never hack off his own leg. It’s an easy promise to make, until you actually need to hack your leg off.
 So how come Penny immediately knows that Desmond is lying to her when he tells her Daniel’s mother is dead? Can she really read Desmond that well, or more likely, does Penny have much more knowledge of what’s happening here?
   I suspect Penny may have originally been assigned to use Desmond as a pawn, by either her father, or Mrs. Hawking. As far as I know I’m the first to come out with this theory, and since there’s nothing hardcore to back it up, I expect a number of people to trash it immediately. What’s nagging on me is there doesn’t seem to be much left to chance when Penny’s dad is concerned, and the same can be said for Mrs. Hawking. It is possible Penny had a role, and that role was to make sure Desmond trusted Penny completely. After she gained his trust, something happens to pull the lovebirds apart. Then the wheels are in motion for Des to win her love back by entering the sailing race thingy, which ultimately lands him on this island of mystery. This is why Widmore dismisses Desmond as “not a great man.”
   Widmore and company are using Desmond, but Widmore miscalculated Desmond’s true greatness, and when Des placed himself in serious personal danger and turned that key, he became a wildcard. Maybe he has since at least earned Widmore’s respect.
   I’m also hoping that Penny did actually fall in love with Desmond while she was working for her father (or Hawking) and now has terrible guilt about it. I guarantee (and as always, this guarantee comes with no actual guarantee) Penny and Desmond didn’t meet by chance at that monastery. Someone was pulling strings to make sure that happened, and I’m guaranteeing (see above parentheses for actual worth of said guarantee) that Penny was originally and willingly in on this deceit.
Running Out of Red Shirts
    Seriously now, has anyone been keeping track of how many of the original 48 survivors are left? We all know the big names like Charlie, Ana Lucia, Mr. Eko, Boone, Shannon, and Michael are dead, (I’m leaving Libby and Jin off this list -Libby because she smells “Othery” to me, and Jin, because there’s no way he’s dead.) but how many of the background mulling, non-speaking survivors could there be after the flaming arrows, trip wires and Keamy’s crew killed everything it aimed at? (But somehow kept missing Sawyer) It’s like March Madness on that island, and we’re getting down to just the cream of the crop.
Four Toed Statue
   Not my theory, but I am liking it – kind of. Sawyer steps on a dart last week, and his foot looks all infected. Is he going to need to get a toe amputated, and sometime way back in the past save his island and have a four-toed statue erected in his honor? It seems like over-reaching here, but I haven’t heard a better reason for the big freaking foot yet.
Say What?
   So the Others speak Latin – a dead language. Do they speak Latin because it’s a great way to ensure almost no one else will understand what you’re saying, or are these guys so old, they’ve been speaking it since Jesus Christ was in holy diapers? And why is Juliet so fluent in the language. She’s a medical doctor, so undoubtedly she’s familiar with some of the words, but to be conversational in it… that’s just weird.
   She said all the “Others” speak Latin, but Juliet isn’t an island-born ‘Other’ as far as we know. As she said, it is the language of the enlightened. I’ll take that as a hint that at least Richard Alpert is enlightened, while his underlings seem to be capable of only various levels of enlightenment.
The Ivy Covered Walls of Oxford
   So Desmond goes to Oxford to find Daniel’s mother, but finds there is no record of any Faradays whatsoever. He finds this out from a dark-haired woman behind a computer in a library or some such place. This exact same woman was seen a few years ago allowing Hurley to board Oceanic 815 after the doors were shut. This doesn’t happen in a post 911 world without considerable pull.
   This is not a case of casting the same woman for two different roles. This is definitely part of a large plan, and whoever this lady is working for, (Widmore or Ben) she is there intentionally, and there’s no doubt she told her superiors someone was snooping around, which may be why that very tough looking janitor was happy to spill out all kinds of leading information to Desmond when he busted into Daniel’s old pad.
Daniel’s Old Flame
   So Des finds Daniel’s ex old lady, (or at least what we’re led to believe is an old flame- she could have just been a fellow scientist) but her sister opens the door, and reveals to Des that Faraday’s former g.f. has gone all Minkowski. The sister not only blames Daniel, but praises his benefactor, one Charles Widmore. (Cue ominous ‘dum dum dum’ music here)
   Faraday skipped out on this poor girl? That doesn’t sound like the Daniel Faraday Desmond knows from lives past. And by the way, did everybody else notice the not so subtle resemblance between the comatose redhead and Charlotte? I believe there is some blood relation between the two women. Sisters? Half-sisters? Time-traveling mother and daughter? Not sure, but I will once again offer my absolute guarantee there is a definite connection between Daniel, Charlotte and coma-girl.
Oedipus Wrecks
   This can’t be a surprise to anyone who really watches this show, but it seems that feisty little rifle-toting Other cutie, Ellie, is none other than Mrs. Eloise Hawking, who everyone (myself included) seems to assume is also Faraday’s mother.
   It appears Daniel is clued in to this when he tells her, as she’s pointing the WWII issued weapon at his back, that she “looks like a women he knew.” (Or something like that)
   Undoubtedly Faraday has seen pictures of his mother from when she was younger, but to be confronted by the actual in-the-flesh version of your own hot mom in her hey-day, and she’s threatening to shoot you in the head to boot, while all you’re trying to do is save the planet, well, let’s just say that’s gonna cause some Mommy issues.
I’m Your Leader
   Ok, we were all expecting this Locke/Alpert summit to happen. Maybe not as quick as it did, but we all knew it was coming. What I’m curious about is how Richard knew the next time Locke saw Richard, Richard wouldn’t know who Locke was. How did Richard know the island wouldn’t be tripping either forward in time, or back to a period after Locke and Richard had met?
   Richard somehow knew he’d be meeting Locke before he ever met him, which means at the very least, Richard knows the pattern of the island time-skips.
   Locke is unable to convince Richard to tell him how to get off the island, so he tells Richard he’ll be born in two years, and gives him the time and place. Now we understand how Alpert has been present all through Locke’s life. His birth, the high school science fair, the foster home where Locke picked the sand and the compass (seemingly good things) but also picked the knife over the Book of Laws, which seemed to piss off our eye-liner wearing friend.
   We still haven’t found out why that bugged Richard so much, but it seems Richard is a peaceful man, who only kills as a measure of last resort. John Locke has perhaps steered away from his true calling – scientist, and has become this island warrior. Richard is unsure if this is points to future violence for the island, but since he can’t communicate directly with Jacob, and has relied on Ben, and now Locke for Jacob’s guidance, he has no choice but to go with it.
   John Locke looks very much like the swashbuckling hero he always wanted to be, but maybe he should have taken his high school science teacher more seriously. You never know when in the future you’ll be required to defuse an active Hydrogen bomb. Fate is a fickle bitch.
   It certainly seems that this big H Bomb is going to figure prominently into the last few episodes of this series. One thing that is becoming clear is there are two camps, Widmore on one side, and Ben Linus and perhaps his superior, Mrs. Hawking on the other side. It’s also possible that allegiances will be struck on either side by our original castaways. It’s easy to see a Jack vs. Sawyer, or a Ben vs. Sayid, or even a Kate vs. Sun showdown when it all comes down to it.
An Assload of Charlies
   And by the way, here’s an interesting aside that’s been bugging me since watching the last episode. We’ve got Charlie Pace, Charles Widmore, Charlotte Lewis, and now little Charlie Hume. That’s more Charlie’s on one TV show than ever in the history of broadcast entertainment. This beats the previous “Charlie Record” of exactly one Charlie in every other show ever, including “Charles in Charge,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and “My Three Sons.” (Uncle Charlie)
   I’m not saying this necessarily means anything, but these writers do spend a lot of time on the names of their characters, and to have so many Charlie’s in one box seems like there’s either a very good reason for the Charlie surplus, or these guys have a serious Charlie fetish.
   So until next week, fire up your Hi-Def TV, (Imperative if you’re expecting to make out faces on tough-guy looking janitors who may or may not have mugged Nadia.) make sure you hit the record function on your TiVo, (For multiple viewings, and freeze framing purposes immediately after watching the show the first time.) keep your laptop nearby, (You’ll never know when you might need to Google the woman who was in the Airport in Season One and at Oxford in Season Five.) load up that bong, (For some of us, LOST isn’t our only drug of choice.) and get ready to get LOST.

Mania Grade: A
TV Series: Lost
Episode: Jughead
Starring: Rebecca Mader, Henry Ian Cusick, Jeremy Davies, Terry O’Quinn, Alan Dale, Nestor Carbonell, Sonya Walger,
Written By: Elizabeth Sarnoff, Paul Zbyszweski
Directed By: Ron Holcomb
Network: ABC