Trek Authors Lead Wonders (

By:Jarrod Sarafin
Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Set to hit markets just before Paramount unleashes their reboot of Star Trek, Ian from SFScope reports that Editor/Publisher Winston Engle's second issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories will be celebrating Trek episode writers. Fourteen writers who were responsible for Star Trek television episodes will appear in the 252-page trade-paperback format issue, which is available for pre-order with a planned shipping date of 12 March.

The website reports that all the new fiction in the issue is by Star Trek authors. Spinrad wrote the original series's "The Doomsday Machine"; Gerrold wrote "The Trouble with Tribbles"; Niven wrote the animated series's "The Slaver Weapon"; Duane, Reaves, and Perry co-wrote The Next Generation's "Where No One Has Gone Before"); Snodgrass wrote "The Measure of a Man"; and George co-wrote Voyager's "Prime Factors".

The reprint fiction includes Brown's "Arena," which Engle says is "the only existing story adapted into an episode of the original series." And he says "Rock-a-Bye Baby, or Die!" was "an unproduced original series storyline by George Clayton Johnson, writer of "The Man Trap," the episode that premiered the series in 1966."

The other reprints are by: Ellison, who wrote the original series episode "The City on the Edge of Forever"; Sturgeon, who wrote "Amok Time"; Matheson, who wrote "The Enemy Within"; and Sohl, who wrote "The Corbomite Maneuver".

In addition, Zicree (who wrote Deep Space Nine's "Far Beyond the Stars", wrote the nonfiction discussion of "the literary underpinnings of Star Trek and the literary writers who contributed to the franchise in television and features." Other Star Trek tie-ins include the 21-page article discussing "the production of the Hugo and Nebula-nominated production 'World Enough and Time,' an episode of the popular fan-run Internet series Star Trek New Voyages with guest star George Takei reprising his role as Sulu, and many other Hollywood veterans, inside and outside the Trek franchise, participating." Weiner's piece "light-heartedly pits the Star Trek franchise against Newton's Laws." "Columbus of the Stars", which is appearing in print for the first time, was a 1964 television series proposal that may have been creator Gene Roddenberry's inspiration for Star Trek.

Star Trek scenic art supervisor Michael Okuda is one of the illustrators of the issue. The cover, by Hugo and Chesley Award-winner Bob Eggleton, first appeared as the cover of the third issue of Artemis Magazine (which was published by SFScope Editor Ian Randal Strock).

Engle explains that "the revived Thrilling Wonder Stories is committed to bringing the classic storytelling virtues behind the Golden Age of Science Fiction into the 21st century, with entertaining and positive stories appropriate for all ages."

The table of contents for the issue includes:

"Enterprise Fish" by David Gerrold
"Palladium" by Diane Duane
"Moon Over Luna" by David R. George III

Short Stories:
"Manifest Destiny" by Michael Reaves & Steve Perry
"A Gift Though Small" by Melinda M. Snodgrass
"Float Like a Butterfly" by Norman Spinrad
"Dark Energies" by Larry Niven

Classic Novella:
"The Golden Helix" by Theodore Sturgeon

Classic Novelet:
"Arena" by Fredric Brown

Classic Short Stories:
"Life Hutch" by Harlan Ellison
"The Seventh Order" by Jerry Sohl
F———" by Richard Matheson
"Rock-a-Bye Baby, or Die!" by George Clayton Johnson

"Where No Scribe Has Gone Before" by Marc Scott Zicree
"Scientifacts" by James Trefil
"No Studio, No Network, No Problem" by Crystal Ann Taylor
"I Canna Change the Laws of Physics!" by Adam Weiner
"Columbus of the Stars: A Trek Not Taken?" by Ib Melchior & Vic Lundin
The Televisualizer: "Cult Camp Classics 1: Sci-Fi Thrillers" by Scott Ashlin
Sir Arthur C. Clarke & Forrest J Ackerman, In Memoriam
"Dr. Zotts" (comic strip)