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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2009
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'Smallville' is going to a ninth season. Plus: Marvel announces earnings and previews its development slate. The script for 'Conan' gets reviewed. A little-known comic called 'Godkiller' is being animated. 'Astro Boy' is funded and on track. And guess what: we've got some 'Watchmen' clips and buzz to report on. With swervy hips like a Latin dance craze it's your Comics2Film 9.2.25!



HEX and LANTERN release dates

Box Office Mojo has updated it's release schedule for Warner Bros. movies. Two items of interest to Comics2Film fans:

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Blinding WATCHMEN with Science!

Letting no stone remain unturned in the pursuit of 'Watchmen', Ain't It Cool chats with Dr James Kakalios - the Science Consultant  on the film.



Another WATCHMEN clip

Seen enough 'Watchmen' yet? No? Then Borders has a new exclusive for you. Here's another minute or so from the film in which Rorschach and Nite Owl discuss the mask-killer theory and what their response should be.

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GODKILLER movie gets voices

Cover art to GODKILLER #1

We don't know the comic, but you can read a preview of 'Godkiller' online at Kings Mob Studios website. It was created by a writer name Matt Pizzolo and artist Anna Muckcracker. Now, Pizzolo is turning it into an feature film and has lined up four noteworthy voice actors to speak the parts, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Lance Henriksen, Bill Moseley, Justin Pierre and Davey Havok have been cast in the venture, which will be produced by Halo-8 Entertainment. The adaptation is being referred to as an "illustrated film" mixing elements of anime, radio drama, video games and comics.

That may sound like the recent wave of motion comics or an attempt to keep an animation budget small, but Pizzolo says that's not necessarily the case.

"When we decided to make an anime adaptation of the comic book, I couldn't see how a traditional animated approach would do justice to Anna's incredibly lush and detailed illustrations," Pizzolo said. "It made perfect sense to adapt the medium to suit her art, rather than vice versa."

Halo-8 intends to release limited-edition, serialized, shortform DVDs to comic book stores through the spring and summer before releasing the full-length feature theatrically in the fall.



SMALLVILLE is set for a ninth season

The CW announced yesterday pickups of six series. Genre fans can look forward to ta ninth season of 'Smallville' and a fifth season of 'Supernatural'.

The 'Smallville' renewal is somewhat surprising. Many expected the show to end with season 8, which saw two of the primary cast members (Michael Rosenbaum and Kristen Kreuk) flee for greener pastures. Furthermore, most expected Tom Welling to move into new adult roles after an already long run on the show that made him famous.

However, the show's new producers have injected new energy into the series by featuring more DCU characters like Doomsday, The Legion of Superheros and The Justice League. As a result ratings are up and the network wants more.




CONAN script review

Latino Review has laid hands on the script for Brett Ratner's new 'Conan' revival. They review that thing and present their review in video format.

To sum up: "A gore-soaked R-Rated film with lots of sex, nudity and violence"

Listen in...

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ASTRO BOY is on track for October release

Variety reports that the feature film version of 'Astro Boy' has been cleared for takeoff on October 23rd this year.

The film caught some bad buzz as rumors circulated that the producer Imagi Entertainment had lost some funding for the film and failed to secure backing at the American Film Market. However, today Imagi has announced it's completed a $25 million financing plan.

The funding also puts the 'Gatchaman' movie back into motion as well.

Last month Imagi had to stop work on the film while waiting for the money to come in. Some 100 staffers were laid off during the shut down. All but 23 are back on the job, working on the film.

The financing plan for Hong Kong-based Imagi includes raising operating capital both from new investors and from existing shareholders.




A couple of embargo-busting reviews of 'Watchmen' have surfaced on two popular websites.

CHUD - 9 (out of 10) - "This isn't Watchmen beaten into submission for movie screens, it's Watchmen being allowed to exist as itself on movie screens."

Hitfix - "But more than anything, what I found most bracing about the experience of finally seeing this onscreen is that it pushes the genre further than it's ever been pushed before.  It demands more of viewers than any superherho movie previously released.  It sets up a moral question at the end of the film that can't be easily answered, and it doesn't even try."

Ain't It Cool - "It isn’t the perfect 5 hour wet dream that I always dreamt of, but I love it."

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Marvel Announces Film/TV slate with Earnings

Marvel filed thier fourth quarter 2008 earnings report yesterday. As usual, the report contains a rundown of their upcoming film and TV productions.

This quarters report yields no real surprises, except maybe some soldification of the 'Super Hero Squad' and 'Black Panther' TV shows. The surprise of omission is that the does not mention of the 'Spider-Man 4' movie.

Marvel Prouced Films

Licensed Films

Self-Produced Animated TV Series Line-Up

Licensed Animated TV Series Line-Up

Licensed Animated Direct-to-DVD Projects



Gordon's WATCHMEN Quandry

After fighting for over a decade to get 'Watchmen' made, producer Larry Gordon may find the success of the film to be a double-edged sword.

A report from The Hollywood Reporter looks at how the big box office could mean a big loss for Gordon. Fans don't need to be reminded of the Warner Bros. vs 20th Century Fox lawsuit that almost scuttled the release of the movie. That dispute was settled with Fox receiving a percentage of the film's gross.

Still in question is whether or not, and to what degree, Warner is holding Gordon responsible for the Fox situation. Arguments have been made that the legal debacle that forced Warner into settlement may have been avoidable, and that Gordon's actions created or contributed to the problem.

If the movie does gangbusters, Gordon could end up paying an eight-figure sum to Warner as reimbursement of money paid to Fox.

Click through for the complete analysis.

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