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By:G.B. Smith
Review Date: Monday, May 11, 2009
Release Date: Sunday, May 10, 2009

On to the next round (or should I say hand?) of moe-meets-mahjong-themed anime.

What They Say
Episode 6 - The Tournament Begins
The Prefectural Qualifiers have finally begun! The girls from the favorites such as Kazekoshi slowly began to fill up the meeting area. That's when Saki strayed away from the group. During her solitude, she saw a member from last year's team championship from Ryuumonbuchi High School.

The Review!
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And so, we finally get to the Prefectural tournament. Following in a long tradition with sports-themed entertainment of all sorts, we begin with the usual roll call of pre-match incidents: the sensing of auras by rival teams, Saki getting lost, Nodoka being interviewed by the press (largely because of her…largeness). Hisa then gathers the team together to explain the rules of the team competition. And so it begins.

The team competition has one member from each team playing one member from the other 3 teams for two hands, after which the players are switched, five members on each team. Yuuki is the first to go up, and she gets off to a powerful start, though she begins to get bored and tired after the first hand. However, she managed to overpower the other three players during that first hand, to the point where they all began to play very defensively and never made any inroads on the huge score lead Yuuki had built. Mako followed with more good play, and then Hisa took over. We don't really see Hisa play, however, as instead we follow Nodoka and Saki going out for a snack run. During their walk to get something, they run into Ryuumonbuchi's team again. After a brief confrontation, they head back since Hisa has already finished her round. It's time for Nodoka to take the stage.

Next time.

In Summary
After all of the build-up and backstory, we finally come to the first major tournament. The games are shown only in brief highlights of declared hands, so those who are still confused about how the game is played, don't expect to be enlightened any further here. The real story, however, is the by now heavily (perhaps overly so) foreshadowed confrontation that will have to come between Kiyosumi and Ryuumonbuchi, especially between Ryuumonbuchi's star Amae Komoro and Kiyosumi's combination of Nodoka and Saki. Perhaps we will see that next episode.

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