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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Monday, May 11, 2009
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Is Jason Patric weighing in as the heavy in 'The Losers'? Plus: 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' box office report. 'Watchmen' goes all Facebook. 'Green Lantern' casting rumors. 'Iron Man 2' photos and more. Waking you up before we go-go, it's your Comics2Film 9.5.11!



WOLVERINE still raking it in

'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' saw a precipitous drop at the domestic box office this week, shedding over 68% of its first week audience according to the expanded box office report here at Of course, the big competition was 'Star Trek' which debuted at #1, pushing the X-film down to #2.

'Wolverine' still collected  a healthy $27 million, bringing the domestic tally to nearly $130 million. The film is still doing gangbusters overseas, with the world box office coming in at about $253 million. The film still has yet to open in Mexico due to pandemic concerns there, but Fox has rescheduled it to bow south of the border on May 29th.

Box Office Mojo provides some interesting milestones that the movie hit this weekend:

Domestically, the film is still the lowest performing in the 'X-Men' franchise, trailing the original's U.S.B.O. by some $28 million.

It ranks #22 of top movies in the past 365 Days.

It's now the #5 movie of 2009 (based on domestic box office).

It's the #4 movie of 2009 World wide.



WATCHMEN to be your Facebook Friend?

Warner Bros. is planning to load the 'Watchmen' home video release with some innovative melding of Blu-Ray's BD-Live features and the super-popular social networking site Facebook. Word comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Apparently fans will be able to sync up their home-viewing experiences so that you can watch 'Watchmen' in the privacy of your own home at the exact same moment your network of Facebook friends are watching in their respective homes, thus expanding the illusion of interaction while driving humanity into a soul-sucking void of loneliness, electronic isolation and eventual despondency.


More IRON MAN Photos Online

The source of last week's cool 'Iron Man 2' photo has been revealed to be Location News who posted dozens of similar pics of Robert Downey Jr. in partial armor, seated in the center of the Big O at Randy's Donuts. You'll also find photos of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury on the scene.

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McFarlane talks SPAWN revamp

He's been talking about it for over 10 years now, and last week Todd McFarlane continued to talk about the next 'Spawn' movie, this time with MTV Splash Page.

McFarlane says that ever since last summer's 'Iron Man' his phone has been ringing off the hook and he has no less than five legitimate offers before him at the moment. The comics creator/toy mogul/media mogul says he sees two clear paths and has not decided which to take. One is a big, studio production that would yield big bucks, but a more typical supehero movie. The other is a low-budget feature that would allow McFarlane himself to direct the movie and shape it as he's seen it since 1997.

"The thing I’ve had in my head for a long time isn’t a big comic-book movie," he explained. "Everything’s real; it’s like ‘The Departed,’ ‘L.A. Confidential’ or something like that — and there’s only one thing out of the ordinary in the story I’ve written, which is the thing people know as Spawn. And only a few people see it.

"To me, it’s more along the lines of ‘Jaws,’ where you didn’t see [the shark] for half the movie, and then you caught glimpses of him."

Yep. That's what Todd's been saying since the last one. At least he didn't invoke 'Se7en' this time.

If McFarlane has his way 'Spawn' will only be glimpsed and never seen as a full-on costumed character. 

What do you think, Maniacs? Don't you hate it when Hollywood tampers with the basics of a comic so as to make it so unlike the source material that it becomes unrecognizable to the fans?

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Trailer: BLOOD : THE LAST VAMPIRE has posted the new English-language trailer for 'Blood: The Last Vampire', based on the popular Manga series. Enjoy!



Jason Patric to menace THE LOSERS?

Over at Ain't It Cool, the rumor of the day is that actor Jason Patric will soon be cast as the big bad guy in the Warner Bros/DC Comics feature 'The Losers'.

The report isn't specific but Patric seems perfect for the role of Max, the shadowy figure who ordered the special ops team to be assassinated in the first place and put them on their mission of revenge against the agency.

Ain't it Cool says an official announcement will probably hit on Tuesday.

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Sam Worthington the latest GREEN LANTERN Candidate?

Out doing the press rounds for 'Terminator: Salvation', actor Sam Worthington told Latino Review that he has had conversations about top-lining Warner Bros' 'Green Lantern' movie.

"Um, I've been talking to people. I've been talking to [director Martin Campbell] about it. It's one of those things, they're still doing the script. And I'm like, 'Give me the script. Let me have a look at it.' I like Martin a lot. I met him on the Bond stuff. I like his work," Worthington said.

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Over at Ain't it Cool, Harry Knowles has posted a long, rambling travelogue/review of 'Solomon Kane' that trends towards gushing praise for the indie film based on Robert E. Howard's Puritan hero. Here's a blurb quote:

"This is the adventure that hypes us up for more and that's the best I could have hoped for the first SOLOMON KANE adaptation. A desire to see more from this same team!"

The movie currently lacks a distributor, but Harry hopes to change that.

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And now for a weekend recap of...

Jon Favreau Tweets about IRON MAN 2

We still have some lingering, unreported Friday tweets from Jon Favreau's Twitter feed...

# [Legendary music producer] Rick Rubin stopped by set yesterday. Fun to show him around. 10:32 AM May 8th

# Two units going today. Shooting late into the night. 9:31 PM May 8th

# 2AM and we're on the martini shot. 2:05 AM May 9th    

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