Lost MIDDLEMAN to "air" at Comic-Con (Mania.com)

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2009

'Middleman' fans to get a live performance at Comic-Con? Plus: 'Thor' not truly Blessed after all? A look at Vaughn's 'Y: The Last Man' script. Bendis on Marvel movies and more. So hip we can barely see over our pelvis, it's your Comics2Film 9.6.30!



Bendis on Marvel movies

It's hard to believe it's only been 10 years since writer Brian Michael Bendis was doing edgy, creator-owned black and white books. Now he's the top talent at Marvel and architecht of the Marvel Universe's biggest stories. Bendis told Newsarama that he's not just involved on the comics side of things, but also has a voice in the development of the film studio's projects.

In the interview, he talks about that now-famous jam-session with 'Thor' director Kenneth Branagh.

Here's an exceprt from the in-depth chat with Mavel's main man:

...plus working on all the movie stuff with Kevin [Feige of Marvel Studios] and the creative committees on the movies. That's a lot of fun. I've got to tell ya. That is a lot of fun. The Iron Man 2 script is so good. I've had to read it 30 times now.

NRAMA: I don't think most people are aware of your movie work. Do you spend a lot of time doing that part of your job?

BMB: It's kind of like everything in Hollywood. There are giant spurts where there are a ton of things to do, and a ton of things to read, but then there will be nothing for a few weeks. And everything in Hollywood is like that. Everything I do in L.A., they're like, "do it right now! We need it right now!" We'll be working and working and then just all of the sudden, it's not there anymore.

Like the Iron Man, Cap, and Thor outlines all came in in a day. And they all had to be read by Friday. You know? But this week, all the writers are writing and there's nothing to do.

NRAMA: So what exactly is your job here, Brian? Are you just reviewing outlines?

BMB: No, this is a little different than how Hollywood usually does it, which is a compliment to Kevin. Usually, Hollywood just does what it does. I know there are some comic book movies I hear that the people never even read a comic book based on the thing they're working on.

They've asked me to be part of this team of guys who they pick their brains and take their advice. And for me it's great to watch these writers deal with it and handle it. Watching them is a lot of fun.

And they fly us out. Like, when Kenneth Branagh was hired for Thor, they flew us out and we got to spend the day listening to a seven-hour performance of what he imagines the Thor movie would be.

NRAMA: Seven hours?

BMB: No, but it was Shakespearean, with flourishes. It was cool. It was a lot of fun. My wife goes, okay, that one I'm jealous of. She's got a crush on him. And honestly, he's not a let-down. I can see it. I can understand it. You're spending enough time with someone that you know if they're cool. And he's cool.

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A look at Brian K. Vaughn's script for Y: THE LAST MAN

Bleeding Cool has laid hands on comic/TV/film writer Brian K. Vaughn's screenplay adaptation of his acclaimed comics series 'Y: The Last Man'.

BC offers a thoughtful analysis of Vaughn's career trajectory, from a little-known comics writer when he started the series to a top industry name. All that factors in to his evolved take on retelling his comic as a film.

BC writes:

"So this movie is not so much an adaption of the comic book, it’s certainly not anywhere near as faithful as Watchmen tried to be and failed. Instead it’s Ultimate Y The Last Man, taking all the things Brian had learned while writing the comic and applying them to its very beginning. It’s more focused. Characters who grow and develop, who we first met as the comic progressed are there right at the beginning, following their own parallel lives that we only get to understand in the comic in flashback or exposition. Basically there’s a whole whole lot of Lost-style foreshadowing that’s been re-engineered into the start, giving a multi-layered narrative. Which is handy, because I understand that it was this draft of the screenplay that got Brian his gig on Lost."

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THOR Blessed? Not so much

At the top of the month we all heard that actor Brian Blessed (Vultan from 'Flash Gordon' - "Diiiiiiiiive!") had been cast in the role of Odin in Marvel's 'Thor' movie. The rumor seemed to have originated from a fan-generated email reporting on an alleged public appearance by the actor where he supposedly revealed he had been cast in the movie.

However, a source for Comics2Film at Mania.com close to the production of the movie told us the rumors are false. Our source didn't get specific with regards to Blessed's purported comments, but when we asked if the rumors are true our guy on the project flatly replied, "no".



Catch A Lost MIDDLEMAN Episode at Comic-Con

Fans of Javier Grillo-Marxuach's late, lamented ABC Family series 'The Middleman' (based on his Viper Comics title of the same name), may be in store for something cool at this year's Comic-Con.

io9 reports that actor Mark Sheppard ('Battlestar Galactica', 'Warehouse 13') spilled the beans on his Facebook page. Plannd for the event is a live reading of the 13th episode script "The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse".

Shout Factory!, who is releasing the DVD of the complete series this month, confirmed the news on Twitter stating, "[W]e do have several cast members already lined up. There will be multiple people doing voices."

Grillo-Marxuach also tweeted in, "comic-con: live reading of 'the doomsday armageddon apocalypse' with the entire middleman cast reunited...sound good to anyone?"

The show was big fun but didn't find an audience on the cable net. Fans will be able to enjoy it when it comes out on DVD, and fans heading west next month will certainly want to check out the live performance.



And now a special bon voyage edition of...

Jon Favreau Tweets about IRON MAN 2

A couple of interesting blips from the Favreau line...

# Rourke's last day on set. We have quite a villain. 2am June 29th

# A fond farewell to Mickey Rourke, JP, and Superbad! about 12:30 am June 30th

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