How Much Are My Star Wars Figures Worth? (

By:Robert Vaux
Date: -


Kenner Toys produced a line of small plastic action figures to coincide with the release of "Star Wars" in May of 1977. When the film became a phenomenon, more action figures followed; new waves appearing with each new film and in some cases with the release of a novel or comic book tie-in as well. Many of those figures are worth quite a lot of money to the right collector, especially older ones which have become hard to find.

Evaluate Their Condition

Determine exactly when your action figures were made and exactly what kind of condition they're in. Toys that have seen a lot of use may be in rough shape: faded paint, chipped plastic and so forth. Toys tend to be worth more if they have their accessories with them. Many Star Wars figures had small laser pistols, light sabers and similar goodies. Unopened toys still in their original packaging are often worth much more than toys that have been played with. If you never opened up your action figures, they may fetch a pretty penny.

Compare Going Rates

Once you have an idea of the kind of shape your action figures are in, determine the market rate for them. A number of reliable sources can serve as your guide. The Star Wars Vintage Toys website provides a good sounding board for the going price of specific figures. EBay is another excellent resource; check the going price of other figures identical to yours and see what people are bidding. There's also a number of books on the subject, including "Warman's Star Wars Field Guide" and "The Official Price Guide to Star Wars Memorabilia." They may be a little dated, but can still form a reliable starting point.

Find a Buyer

With a firm price in mind, you can then begin looking for a buyer. The easiest solution may be eBay, which remains popular for "Star Wars" collectors of all varieties. EBay has the further advantage of facilitating quick sales if you don't wish to wait too long. You can also try attending a science fiction or toy convention. Vendors often come to such events in search of vintage Star Wars action figures. Finally, collectors' forums such as those at can help put you in touch with buyers who may be interested in your particular action figures.