How to Prevent the Wii Video Game System from Overheating (

By:Lauren Vork
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As with all types of computer programming hardware, the components inside the Nintendo Wii generate heat while they're in operation. While the Wii has built-in fan components for cooling, overheating can still occur if the device is not properly stored or handled or if something breaks. Keep your Wii from overheating (and shutting off in the middle of your game) by taking appropriate precautionary measures.

Step 1

Store your Wii away from other heat sources. The Wii's internal cooling system is designed to keep the device cool in room temperature settings and may become overtaxed if the console is being heated by other sources. Look for other nearby electronics that may be producing their own heat, or sources such as lamps or heating vents and radiators.

Step 2

Turn off the Wii if it's been in standby mode for too long. According to reporters at, the Wii is prone to overheating while in standby mode because the fan is turned off but the device is still using power. Keep track of how long your Wii sits in this mode and resume your game, or save and shut down, before the unit gets too warm.

Step 3

Keep the vents clear. In order to maintain proper cooling, the hot air circulated by the Wii's internal fan must exit the unit through the many small, square vents located on the back of the unit (just below the plugs for the power cord). If these vents are blocked by an object stored behind the Wii or by a buildup of dust or lint, the Wii will likely overheat.

Step 4

Use a laptop fan pad beneath your Wii. If your Wii needs extra cooling, a laptop pad containing its own electric fan can help make up the difference. These hard, flat units are available at computer electronics stores and your Wii console can be stored on top of one.

Step 5

Get it repaired. If you are using and storing your Wii properly, but it still overheats, there may be a problem with the console's cooling system. If your Wii is still new enough under warranty, these repairs will be covered.