Video Game Systems Comparison (

By:Alan Donahue
Date: -
Source: Nintendo


The Sony PlayStation 3 features a Blu-Ray optical drive that reads PS3 game discs and Blu-Ray movie discs. The system uses wireless DualShock 3 controllers. The Xbox 360 uses wireless Xbox 360 controllers and operates using a DVD drive. The system also can add-on an expandable HD-DVD drive and a built-in hard drive for games and media storage. The Nintendo Wii plays games exclusively and is the smallest of the 3 systems. The system uses a wireless Wii Remote with optional expansions that include the classic controller the Nunchuk and a steering wheel.
The Nintendo Wii


The PS3 is home to the Metal Gear Solid series and features the PlayStation Network, where players can connect online. The Xbox 360 has one of the best online multiplayer experiences with Xbox Live. Players connect to play Xbox exclusives like Halo 3 and Madden NFL. The Nintendo Wii features the classic Mario series and focuses on exercise with interactive games that require you to move around the room rather than sit and play.


The PS3 features some of the best graphics, but the PlayStation Network pales in comparison to Xbox Live. The Xbox 360 is one of the bulkiest systems and the controller is one of the biggest as well, but in some cases this makes it easier for players to get a grip. The Nintendo Wii is limited in graphics because many of the games focus on game play rather than graphics.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best system depends on a person's gaming style preference and extra features. Someone looking for the all-in-one media center should purchase the PlayStation 3. People looking for a great multiplayer experience should purchase the Xbox 360. Active video game players, especially families, should purchase the Nintendo Wii.