Star Wars Party Ideas (

By:Lauren Vork
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Source: Star Wars Board Games


Decades after the release of the first movies of the 'Star Wars' saga, the cultural mania surrounding this sci-fi movie series shows no signs of slowing down. For devout fans of the series, or just people looking to bond in the shared experience of this pop culture phenomenon, Star Wars-themed parties can be a source of great fun. While there are many ways to host a Star Wars get-together, the central elements of any good celebration should always be considered.


Creating the proper ambiance and atmosphere for your party will make your guests feel that the Star Wars fun has started the instant they walk through the door. In order to do this, surround them with Star Wars-related sights and sounds at every turn. Encouraging your guests to dress in costume will create atmosphere while giving them a chance to get into the spirit of the party before they leave their own homes. It's also easy since the massive popularity of the Star Wars franchise means that costumes from the movies are available at just about any store that sells costumes or costume accessories. As the host, of course, be sure you don't neglect your own costume. Decorations will also give a sense of the party's particular flavor. Decorate with Star Wars-specific items, such as movie posters, standees, or action figures, but also create a general space/sci-fi themed motif, using items like starry cloth backdrops or glow-in-the-dark planet ceiling decorations. Another excellent way to create atmosphere is music. While turning on a CD of John Williams's score to any (or all) of the six movies is an easy and effective way to set the tone, you might also want to consider livening up the musical palette by making a mix CD or play list containing your favorite movie score excerpts interspersed with some Star Wars tribute music, such as parodies or disco and techno remixes.

Food and Drink

Every party needs a good supply of food and drink, but unfortunately, the Star Wars universe doesn't have much in the way of its own specific menu items. However, you can still infuse your party refreshments with Star Wars goodness using presentation: disposable cups and plates bearing images and logos from the movies can be found at party stores, big box stores, or many internet locations. You can also whip up a few recipes from "Wookie Cookies: A Star Wars Cook Book" by Robin Davis.


The chief choice of entertainment for a Star Wars movie is, of course, the films themselves. If your party is a marathon movie viewing party, you won't need to worry about any other entertainment options for the night. However, if the party is a general Star Wars party, consider having the movies playing in a separate room from the main party for those who want to wander in and out and watch parts of them. Otherwise, you can offer your guests a plethora of Star Wars related entertainment options, including video games (including The Force Unleashed), board games (such as Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, Star Wars Risk or Star Wars Monopoly), and any of the Star Wars Lego sets.