What Can I Do to Burn Pixar Movies? (Mania.com)

By:Alan Donahue
Date: -
Source: Clone DVD


It is notoriously hard to make backup copies of Pixar movies and Disney DVDs. When a program tries to copy the disc, the computer often freezes and the disc copying aborts. There are multiple approaches to burning Pixar movies to have your own legal copy. Trying out each method may be the only way you can effectively have copies of these excellent CG movies.

Clone DVD

Clone DVD is one of the best programs for copying DVD discs. Insert the DVD in your computer and wait for the information to load within the program. To make the process go faster, remove options that you usually do not need, like foreign languages and subtitles. Press the start button and let the process begin. If this fails, don't waste your time on it; find a better approach to burning the movies.

Bit Torrent

Use a torrent downloader to download a DVD copy of the Pixar movie. Torrent downloads are the safest and fastest way to download media files. First, download a torrent program like Azureus or Bit Torrent. These programs are free; if any website asks you to pay, find a different website. Next, find a torrent hosting website, which provides links to torrent downloads that include the full movies. The two best torrent websites are Mininova.org and Isohunt.com.

Once at a torrent website, search for the Pixar movie you want. When the results load, sort them by the downloads with the most "seeds". Seeds are secure downloads with the completed file. Click on "Download" link and your torrent should automatically start downloading in your installed torrent program.


Once the download is completed, you can burn the Pixar movie to a DVD. To do this, you need a DVD burning program like Nero Burning Rom. With Nero Burning Rom, you can create a customized menu and chapters for the movie. With enough work, you can make the DVD look like the real thing. Wait for the burning process to complete, and then test it in a DVD player. Now you have an official DVD backup of a Pixar movie.