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By:Chad Derdowski
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Storm is a longtime member of the X-Men known as much for her strong personality and leadership qualities as her ability to control weather. She currently splits her time between the X-Men and reigning as the Queen of Wakanda beside her husband T'Challa, aka The Black Panther.


Created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum, Storm made her first appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975) and has been a mainstay on the team ever since. She has appeared in every animated incarnation of the X-Men as well as in three feature films where she was portrayed by Halle Berry.


Ororo Munroe's mother, N'Dare, was an African princess who relocated to Manhattan upon her marriage to photojournalist David Munroe. When Ororo was six, her family moved to Cairo, Egypt. When she was eleven, her parents were killed when a plane crashed into their home. Ororo was trapped under rubble, but the horror of the event left her with the claustrophobia that she still deals with today.


An orphan, Ororo was adopted by a group of street urchins and learned the art of pickpocketing. She even attempted to pick the pocket of a young Charles Xavier, who stopped the theft but was psionically attacked by another mutant, which allowed Ororo to escape.

Years later, Ororo was drawn south and embarked on a journey that would prove to be a life-altering quest as her mutant powers emerged and she met the man who would one day be her husband, T'Challa. The two spent much time together but T'Challa's duties to his nation of Wakanda kept them from being together. Finally reaching her ancestral home on the Serengeti plain, Ororo came to be worshipped as a goddess until she once again came in contact with Charles Xavier, who explained to her that she was not a goddess but a mutant. He convinced her to use her powers to aid mankind and join the X-Men.

Storm has been a member of the X-Men ever since and has even served as their leader for a time. Over the years and through many adventures, Storm has lost and regained her powers and been reunited with her lost love T'Challa, now ruler of Wakanda. The two rekindled their romance and eventually married and for a time led the Fantastic Four in the absence of Reed and Sue Richards.


Storm can control weather patterns in limited areas, giving her the ability to create rain, fog, wind and lightning. She can raise or lower the humidity, direct the path of lightning and even control ocean currents. Her control is such that she can create a rainstorm around her without a single drop touching her body. She is able to fly by creating wind currents strong enough to propel her.

On occasion, the weather in Storm's immediate vicinity is affected by her mood. If she does not maintain a strict control over her emotions, a destructive storm might result.


Trained in the art of thievery, Storm often carries a set of lockpicks with her.