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By:Andie Francese
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Source: Playstation 3 Specs


The Playstation 3 is an all-inclusive entertainment experience. It boasts the most powerful gaming technology to date and offers a Blu-ray player, free online access and music capabilities along with its extensive library of games featuring everything from sports-related video games to shooter-style arcade games. The device has a built-in bluetooth component that allows for wire-free gaming as well as a wireless networking card to allow users to quickly access online games without wires or extra equipment.
Playstation 3


The PS3 is an all inclusive entertainment system. The system comes equipped with a Blu-ray player and it can play music as well as files from your computer quickly and without much hassle. There is a wide game selection available for the PS3 and the ability to download games from the PlayStation Network Store helps save space and cuts down on lost or damaged items.


While the PS3 is a great gaming system, the device is expensive, and the games that are made to play on the device can be violent and are not appropriate for the younger crowd. Shoot-'em-up style games have dominated the device since it hit the market, and the trend persists. The system also has a tendency to run warm, so extensive game play (several hours a day) is not recommended.

Bottom Line

The PS3 is a solid device for the 14+ crowd, but probably won't resonate with a younger audience due to mature game titles. As a complete entertainment system no other system can hold a candle to the device.