What is the Last Star Wars Book Called? (Mania.com)

By:James Gapinski
Date: -
Source: Amazon.com -- "Star Wars: Wind Raiders of Taloraan."


There are literally hundreds of "Star Wars" books on the market, with many more in the works for the future. As of June 2009, the last "Star Wars" book was the fully illustrated "The Wind Raiders of Taloraan" book, designed to appeal to graphic novel fans.

Series Details

"The Wind Raiders of Taloraan" is part of a series of books set during the "Clone Wars" era. It uses many of the characters from the popular animated "Clone Wars" TV show.


This latest graphic book was written by John Ostrander, an American author who has written for both Marvel and DC comics in the past.


According to the publishing details posted on Amazon.com, "The Wind Raiders of Taloraan" was published by Titan Books on June 26, 2009. Another "Star Wars" book, "Dark Force Rising" was published on the same date, but this book is in fact a re-release of an older book.


The book chronicles the experiences of Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ashoka as they travel to Taloraan in hopes to convincing the ruling parties of the planet to ally with the Galactic Republic.

Age Level

According to Dark Horse, a distributor of the "Clone Wars" series books, this latest graphic novel is "parent friendly," making it ideal for the children and young adults that make up the "Clone Wars" television audience.