What Is the Best Selling Video Game System? (Mania.com)

By:Holly Johnson
Date: -
Source: PlayStation 2 Information


The PlayStation 2 has a 128-bit CPU, a 300 Mhz processor, two memory card slots (8 MB memory cards sold separately), the ability to play DVDs and CDs (pictures or music), digital surround sound capabilities, and an Ethernet (for DSL) and a modem port (for dialup) for online game play (must be supported by a game).
The PlayStation 2 is available in black, silver and white, and comes in a slimline design (2.8 cm wide) with 1 DUALSHOCK 2 controller, an AV cord (audio/video), an AC power cord and easy setup instructions.


The PlayStation 2 has the largest game library of any home console. It has a huge selection of good games in a wide variety of role-playing, first-person shooters and action adventure formats. It enjoys solid support from many game developers. DVD playback is a plus, as you don't have to have both a DVD player and a console anymore.


It is graphically unimpressive. While some PlayStation 2 games still shine, most are overshadowed by the newer consoles. There is also no HD support, and online play is not well supported, and most games do not come with an online play option.

Bottom Line

The PlayStation 2 is the best selling console in history. The huge library of games has something for everyone. While it is not as graphically impressive as the newer consoles, it still outshines them in terms of playability.