How Long Did it Take to Make the Movie Toy Story? (

By:Robert Vaux
Date: -
Source: "History of Toy Story and Toy Story 2" on the "Toy Story" DVD


"Toy Story" made movie history by being the first feature-length motion picture created solely by computer animation. It also set Pixar studios on an unprecedented path of success, and quickly came to be regarded as a modern classic.

Tin Toy

Before "Toy Story," Pixar made a number of computer animated short films. One of them, "Tin Toy," was optioned by Disney as a feature film in 1991.

Voice Casting

The green light for production occurred on January 19, 1993, which can be considered the formal "beginning" of the process.

Script Problems

Early scripts proved troublesome, and an initial draft produced in November 1993 caused Disney to halt production. The trouble stemmed mainly from the fact that its central character, Woody the Cowboy, was extremely unlikable.


Production restarted in February 1994, with a new script featuring a gentler Woody.


"Toy Story" was released in November, 1995 to overwhelming critical and popular acclaim.