By:Ken Pasini
Date: Saturday, July 25, 2009


Excitement continues to mount for ABC’s new show ‘Flash Forward’, from the creative minds of Brannon Braga (Star Trek), Marc Guggenheim (Eli Stone), and the ever brilliant, David S. Goyer (Blade movies, Batman Begins, etc.). Comic Con attendees who braved the requisite long line were rewarded with the first act of the pilot episode, as well as a lengthy preview for the series. Joining the above creators were members of the cast, including Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Courtney B. Vance and others. They spoke of their characters and their brief experiences so far on the show (note: they are currently filming only the second episode). 
The first act of the pilot opens with Joseph Fiennes waking up and crawling out of a wrecked car, only to find himself surrounded by chaos. The scene immediately cuts to 4 hours earlier, where we see a ’day in the life’ of key characters. We learn that he is an FBI agent with a physician wife (Sonya Walger who audiences may recognize as Penney Hume - Widmore from LOST) and a young daughter. As he leaves for work, we are introduced to his Babysitter, who has her own storyline. He is quickly joined by his Partner, played by John Cho (Sulu in the new Star Trek reboot). They are engaged in a stake out which quickly becomes a high-speed pursuit through the city. While this is happening, we are briefly introduced to several other characters. At a critical point in the car chase, the screen goes blank, and then launches into a cacophony of fleeting images and blurry video segments of a tense situation involving Joseph Fiennes character. He is staring at an evidence board, jotting notes, and stressing over the artifacts tacked to the board. He then draws his pistol as assault weapon laser beams begin to sweep the room from afar.  
He is then catapulted back to the present as he awakens from his blackout, again crawling from the wreckage of his car. He eventually finds his partner, while coming to the growing realization that the entire city is in ruins. We begin to see through television coverage that the entire world is experiencing the same catastrophe. This ended the preview.
Goyer and Braga explain that almost every member of the human race, at the time of the black-out, experience a similar 6 month ‘Flash Forward’ look into their particular future. They assure us that they have a master plan for the show, and that over the course of the season, many peoples ‘Flash Forward’ visions will be revealed, in conjunction to that of the main characters. They assure us that the series has a definite end in mind, and that they are hoping for a minimum of 3 seasons to weave the tale, but could go longer if the story (and potential syndication) warrants it.
Near the end of the panel coverage, a final segment was shown to reveal one last ‘main’ character. The audience erupted into applause as Dominic Monaghan (Charlie from LOST) appeared in this final segment. As the lights came up, he was introduced and took his place on stage. Braga indicated that Dominic would be playing a ‘game changing’ character on the show. When Dominic was asked if Charlie would be appearing in the final season of LOST, he gave a Cheshire grin and mused that no one ever seems to really die on that show. He left the audience to draw their own conclusion.
This should be an excellent show, one that will be a nice replacement for Lost as that show closes down it’s series run. Look for Flash Forward to debut on ABC in September.