SDCC: Solomon Kane Panel (

By:Ken Pasini
Date: Sunday, July 26, 2009


Quite unexpectedly, those who found themselves in Hall H when the ‘Solomon Kane’ panel was scheduled, were presented with surprisingly good previews. It is doubtful that many attendees braved the immense line for this particular offering, but rather were there from the LOST Panel just prior, and stayed for the Mike Judge ‘Extract‘ panel immediately following. It should also be noted that the great Hall H would host the highly anticipated Iron Man 2 panel a few hours later, truly a coveted event by most attending the convention. 
‘Solomon Kane’ stars James Purefoy (Rome, The Philanthropist) as the reluctant hero, who from the previews, completely embodies this fantastic Robert E. Howard character. The many previews shown during the one hour event portray Solomon Kane as a very intense 16th century warrior who, through the course of many battles, comes face to face with an evil that introduces him to hell. Director Michael Bassett explained that Solomon recognizes that he must change his ways, to ensure that he avoids a fate of damnation. He enters a monastery, but is eventually forced to leave as they cannot dampen the warrior within him. He remains committed to the holy path as he wanders the land. He happens upon a family traveling on the road, who invites him to join them on their journey. 
Their attachment continues to grow until they encounter a horde of demonic soldiers victimizing other travelers. The evil horde turn their attention to the family, whereby Solomon must choose between picking up the sword, denouncing his religious path, and accepting the hellish fate attached to it, or turn away. He accepts the hero’s journey and becomes the righteous warrior. The clips then depict many battle segments where Solomon fights several foes in his quest to rescue the young girl he was traveling with. The previews contained intense action sequences, well choreographed swordplay, and the gritty feel of the third Underworld movie, ‘Rise of the Lycans‘. 
Many segments from the movie were shared, each drawing more fervent cheers from the crowd. This looks to be a strong entry in the long neglected Sword & Sorcery genre. With no distributor yet attached to the project, no release date was given. Look for it to open in 2009.

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