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By:G.B. Smith
Review Date: Friday, August 07, 2009
Release Date: Thursday, July 30, 2009

As the rehearsals and production work ramp up to high gear, more seems to be going on than just the preparation for a play.

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Episode 5 - “Wuthering Heights (Part One)”

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The posters for the school play are going up, and Yasuko is looking rather dramatic as Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. Kyoko, of course, has the expected blush response to the poster while placing one up. It seems most of the girls at Fujigaya are all abuzz over Yasuko. And that makes Fumi slightly jealous. And jealousy has a way of eating out one's heart. Fumi turns to Akira for some advice and emotional support.

It happens then that Kyoko comes to ask Akira to help her, but Akira is called away to fix a stage prop, so Fumi ends up helping Kyoko go on a drinks run. As it happens further, Sugimoto has to stay late for a meeting with the members of the cast, so Fumi goes home with Akira and Kyoko. They have tea together, but it turns out to be a little more dramatic than that, as Kyoko comes to realize that Fumi is "the other girl" that Sugimoto likes, the reason why Kyoko was turned down.

Before we head into some sort of manufactured misunderstanding, however, Yasuko calls Fumi and the two have a heart to heart chat that straightens everything out. The preparations for the play continue, and Fumi gets more and more jealous as she sees just about every girl at Fujigaya fawn over Yasuko. But Yasuko seems to really like Fumi, and even a last little outburst by Kyoko is met more with understanding than anything else.

It's complicated. Still, I like how they are keeping Fumi and Akira as friends, and having them interact normally as friends, with Akira being supportive of Fumi and offering advice about how to handle her love life.

In Summary:

Fumi is apparently the jealous type, but as Yasuko is very relaxed and understanding, we did not have the dreaded appearance of a Cliched Misunderstanding That Leads To A Breakup. The writer has been much more subtle, which is a good thing. From being annoying and almost unwatchable near the beginning, this show has improved greatly, providing characters of some depth and intelligence, not cliches that walk around and throw tantrums.


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