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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2009

'The Walking Dead' shambles onto TV with Frank Darabont. PLUS: First look at 'The Phantom'. Roth says Abomination could menace 'The Avengers'. Jackman hints at 'Wolverine 2' in 2012. More! Saving the world, one netizen at a time, it's your Comics2Film 9.8.12!



Goyer Still Breaking Into SUPER MAX

Remember 'Super Max'? It was that superhero-in-a-super-villain-prison movie that morphed into a Green Arrow film. Justin Marks had written a red hot script that David Goyer was going to produce. Then the property got a bit cold and, just last month, it was revealed that Warner Bros has plans for a more traditional Green Arrow movie.

Now Goyer chatted with MTV Splash Page about the project and said that there's a new writer on board and was vague as to whether or not Green Arrow will actually be the protagonist in the film.

"We came up with the idea and thought it could work in either the Marvel or the DC universe," he explained. "It needed that type of character and there are analogues in both universes. Green Arrow seemed to make the most amount of sense."

At this point Goyer could only say the movie is "definitely something we're developing."



Ray Park Holds Hope for IRON FIST

Back in the early days of Comics2Film, when Marvel was still in its Hollywood infancy, one production that looked a sure thing was 'Iron Fist'. The film had rising star Ray Park attached in the lead and Marvel was agressively developing scripts and pursuing directors.

Eventually Park's star cooled and 'Spider-Man' elevated Marvel to a new level and interest in 'Iron Fist' dissipated. But Park tells Comics Alliance that he's still keen to star as Marvel's anglo kung fu superstar.

"I actually want to be Danny Rand -- I want to be Iron Fist, I want to do it," Park told the site at Chicago Comic-Con (formerly Wizard World). "I've been blond before. I'll work on the American accent as well."

More importantly, the affable actor joked, "I want to have an excuse to take my top off and show off my abs."

Interestingly, Park says that, rather than a solo 'Iron Fist' movie, Marvel will more likely do a 'Heroes for Hire', which would see him teamed with Luke Cage.

What do you think, Maniacs? How would you like Tyrese and Ray in Heroes for Hire? Post your comments below...

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Could the Abomination Menace THE AVENGERS?

Tim Roth made an extremely watchable villain in 'The Incredible Hulk', so will we ever see his Abomination on screen again?

Roth told gathered press (including SCI FI Wire) this week that Marvel has been talking about having him reappear in a movie, possibly in 'The Avengers'.

"I don't want to get into it, but they signed me up for three [films]," Roth said, although he was understandably more interested in talking about his returning Fox series 'Lie to Me'.

When pressed for details -- did his contract limit him to 'Hulk' sequels or could 'Avengers' be in the mix -- Roth responded, "It could be anything."

What do you think, Maniacs? Could Loki and The Abomination combine to make a formidable threat to The Avengers? Post your comments below...

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Ryan Carnes is the new PHANTOM in the SyFy Original Mini-series

THE PHANTOM Details Unveiled

Muse Entertainment, the producers of the new 'Phantom' mini-series for SyFy Channel, have unveiled a photograph from the show and a few details on their website.

Here's how they describe the updated version of Lee Falk's comic-strip jungle action hero:

Law student and parkour runner ('traceur') Chris is shocked to learn that he was adopted and that he is actually the son of The Phantom, a caped crime-fighter. He joins the Phantom team in the jungles of Bengalla to be expertly trained in martial arts and combat, and emerges as the next Phantom to battle the assassins of the evil Singh Brotherhood.

The list the cast members as Ryan Carnes, Sandrine Holt, Jean Marchand, Cameron Goodman, Isabella Rossillini and the director as Paolo Barzman, who has numerous episodes of action/adventure TV shows on his resume.

'The Phantom' is set to air on SyFy Channel in 2010.

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Jackman hints at WOLVERINE 2 in 2012

Continuing their red carpet sound bites from the Teen Choice Awards, MTV Splash Page has another segment from Mr. Hugh Jackman about 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2'.

Jackman told the music net that he expects the next movie to be the "sexiest" Wolverine movie and teased that X-Men movies come out approximately every three years, hinting that the next Wolverine may drop in 2012.

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AMC has emerged victorious in an apparent bidding war to bring Robert Kirkman's acclaimed comic series 'The Walking Dead' to TV, according to Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. Frank Darabont ('The Mist', 'The Green Mile') is on board to write and direct the planned TV series.

Gale Anne Hurd ('The Incredible Hulk') of Valhalla Motion Pictures and David Alpert of Circle of Confusion are exective producers.

AMC senior vice president of programming says the TV series will reamain true to the storylines presented in the comics. If you haven't read the books (and please, do yourself a favore and pick up the trades or the newly published omnibus) the story follows the advent a Romero-esque zombie plague and a group of survivors lead by police officer Rick Grimes. The series focuses on the human conflicts as the characters band together, or battle one another, to cling to survival.

"This is not about zombies popping out of closets," Stillerman told Variety. "This is a story about survival, and the dynamics of what happens when a group is forced to survive under these circumstances. The world (in 'Walking Dead') is portrayed in a smart, sophisticated way."

"I don't know of another series of books that has such beautiful storytelling, great human emotions and everything that really works on AMC," Stillerman said in a separate statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "It allows us to stay where we want to stay: in the world of smart, sophisticated storytelling and apply that to a show that we think the audience would love."

Stillerman hopes to position the show among AMC's recent acclaimed series 'Mad Men' and 'Breaking Bad'.

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