Tsubasa Vol. #22 (Mania.com)

By:Sakura Eries
Review Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Release Date: Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Syaoran and Seishiro face off again in a rematch over Sakura's feather!

Creative Staff
Writer/Artist: CLAMP
Translation: William Flanagan
Adaptation: William Flanagan

What They Say
In the Country of Oto, Syaoran fought his former mentor, Seishiro, and lost badly. Now Seishiro is back, and this time Syaoran is determined not to allow him to escape with Sakura's feather. Many things have changed since their first battle, but is Syaoran now strong enough to withstand Seishiro's vampire-killing skills?

The Review!
After the tumultuous events of Seresu, Volume 22 opens with Kurogane, Fai, Mokona, Syaoran, and Sakura (sans soul) in Kurogane's country of Japan. Kurogane is reunited with his Princess Tomoyo, and after the continuous fighting and Fai flashbacks of the previous volume, the slower pace is a nice change. In the conversations that follow between Tomoyo and Kurogane, between Yuko and the black Mokona, and between Tomoyo and Fai, light is shed upon their escape from Fei Wang's trap in Seresu. Apparently, Yuko was handling a lot more backroom exchanges than one might have guessed while Team Tsubasa was on Infinity. Personally, I found the whole Fai/Ashura-O arc more confounding than anything else and am glad to see it end.

Now with Ashura-O gone and everyone in Japan, Fai and Kurogane appear to have reached the ends of their respective original quests. However, there's little doubt that the two men will continue journeying with the others (even the Shirasagi monarch implies their stay will be a brief one) as the plot shifts to recovering Sakura's soul from the world of dreams.

Kurogane has scarcely recovered from his battle wounds when Japan receives two more visitors: Fuma, with an interesting delivery for Kurogane, and Seishiro, drawn by Fai's vampire blood. Syaoran challenges Seishiro once more over Sakura's feather, and at its fierce conclusion, Syaoran is pulled into the world of dreams to face yet another battle.

Throughout the fighting, hints are dropped about Fei Wang's ultimate intent, and the more we learn, the more it seems as if Yuko has something personal at stake in regards to our travelers’ success. In addition, xxxHOLiC’s Watanuki makes two appearances. Del Rey continues to maintain in the opening notes that reading xxxHOLiC is not necessary to understand the events of Tsubasa, but as a person who doesn't read xxxHOLiC, I found his popping into the story inexplicable and rather jarring.

In summary:
Our travelers find themselves in Kurogane’s home country, and Sakura's companions focus their efforts on bringing her back from the land of dreams. Meanwhile, more light is shed upon Fei Wang's motivations, and the story hints at universal implications tied to the fate of Sakura's memories feathers.

Translation notes are included as extras in this volume.

Mania Grade: B-
Art Rating: A-
Packaging Rating: B
Text/Translation Rating: B+
Age Rating: 13 and Up
Released By: Del Rey
MSRP: 10.99
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-0345510389
Size: B6
Orientation: Right to Left
Series: Tsubasa