Urban cast as PRIEST Nemesis (Mania.com)

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Friday, August 21, 2009

'Trek' actor Karl Urban cast as bad guy in 'Priest'. PLUS: Cheadle talks 'Iron Man 2'. Scarlett talks 'Avengers'. Pics and videos from the set of 'The Losers'. More! Open up and shouted out but never tried to sing, it's your Comics2Film 9.8.21!



SHERLOCK HOLMES Online Web of Intrigue Launched?

Fans have emailed us a tip that there's a new viral marketing site online promoting 'Sherlock Holmes'.

Direct your browsers to the cryptic IP Address and you'll be greeted with a data entry form. Type in the letters I-R-E-N-E (spelling out the name of Rachel McAdams' character Irene Adler) and you'll be confronted by a hooded figure who talks about the essential qualities of a truth-seeker.

Following that you're taken to an email signup screen. Not too exciting but we'd assume there's more to come!

'Sherlock Holmes' starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law arrives in theaters on Christmas Day.



Sam Rockwell Photo from IRON MAN 2

Superhero Hype has a new photo of Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer in director Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2, opening in theaters on May 7, 2010. Hammer is a multi-billionaire businessman and a rival of industrialist Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. Click through for a look.

Thanks to fft5305 for the submission.



TRANSFORMERS Blu-Ray going Holographic?


Fans of 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' can look for the DVD and Blu-Ray editions to drop October 20th.

One intriguing special feature from the hype materials:

"The Blu-ray and two-disc DVD packages also will feature augmented reality technology that will allow owners to interact with a holographic image of OPTIMUS PRIME utilizing their webcams and a special website. Fans will be asked to piece together the Matrix of Leadership to bring OPTIMUS PRIME back to life, help repair his armor and calibrate his weapons by actually controlling his aim during target practice."

Here are the rest of the features you can expect



Scarlett talks AVENGERS and BLACK WIDOW

When Scarlett Johansson signed on to play the Black Widow in 'Iron Man 2' it was clear that she was signing a multi-picture deal that would extend beyond Shell-head's franchise. That will likely includean appearance in ' The Avengers' but could easily include a 'Black Widow' feature film as well.

"She has many different incarnations and different storylines so I'm hoping she will be able to continue in that way. I'm hoping that if the fans like the character and support the character, we'll see her again," Johansson told Ireland Online. "I hope I get to come back and do it again. The character certainly comes back. We see that she does in the comics and certainly she is a big part of The Avengers. I don't know if that is where it's going to go but she is definitely a big part of The Avengers."

Marvel has been developing a 'Black Widow' feature on and off over the years. At one time it was part of the now-defunct 15-character Artisan package. It was just a few years ago that 'Watchmen' writer David Hayter was poised to make his directing debut with the film.



Kuhn Crashes PAUL Set Like It's Roswell

Comic book artist, rock star, and good friend Andy Kuhn (creator of 'Firebreather', soon to be a Cartoon Network movie), blogs that he was an extra on the set of the Simon Pegg, Nick Frost alien movie 'Paul'. Kuhn writes:

I recently spent two days as a VIP extra on the set of the new Simon Pegg, Nick Frost movie PAUL.

The scenes I was involved in took place at COMIC-CON and their set designers did a freaking amazing job of re-creating San Diego in the Albuquerque convention center. Also on set were Image comics superstars Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Corey Walker, and Joe Keatinge. The entire Image comics booth was set up exactly as it was four weeks ago at the real comic-con.

I can't really say much about the film except that it's a road picture that's bookened by sequences at two consecutive year comic-cons. Simon and Nick's characters are uber-fans who leave comic-con and have a cross-country road adventure culminating a year later at San Diego.

The entire process was fascinating, and tedious. I doubt I'd ever do it again, but it was fun to do it once.

I got to meet Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kristen Wiig, Jeffrey Tambor and director Greg Matolla (superbad) briefly. They were all exceptionally nice people for the short time that we spoke. I'm a huge Pegg/Frost fan, so it was worth it to me just for that.

The film has a long post production period (10 months) so i doubt it will be in theaters till late summer or fall of next year.

I think it's gonna be a pretty funny movie, mostly due to my breakout performance! Watch for Andy Kuhns "PAUL" featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in theaters in 2010!

Seacrest out!

I guess we can add "big screen ingénue" to Kuhn's list of introductory honorifics.



From the set of THE LOSERS courtesy of actor Alan Trudeau

Set Pics From THE LOSERS

Actor Alan Trudeau apparently has a bit part in the Warner Bros adaptation of the DC/Vertigo Comics title 'The Losers'. While he was on the Puerto Rican set he snapped a whole bunch of pictures of some military action involving helicopters and such, and posted them on his MySpace Page.

Check 'em out!



McTeigue Says His SUPERMAN Would Surprise

'Ninja Assassin' director James McTeigue has been rumored on several occasions as one who might take the helm of the 'Superman' film franchise. While talking with MTV Splash Page, the director didn't admit to any such attachment to the film but was willing to talk about what he would do if he became the director.

"I think if I was ever going to go near Superman, I would do a complete reboot—take it in a direction that you would absolutely not expect, actually," McTeigue told MTV News. He also adds that the recent ruling that grants the Siegel estate exclusive rights to the Superman origin story is a good thing, as it will force filmmakers to stop dwelling on the characters roots and move forward.

Check out his complete comments.



Urban Cast as PRIEST Nemesis

'Star Trek' actor Karl Urban has been cast in the role of the heavy in Sony's adaptation of the TOKYOPOP manga 'Priest', according to the Hollywood Reporter. The actor is set to play Black Hat, a former priest turned godlike leader of the vampire hordes that overrun the earth.

Urban will have his hands full facing down Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet and Maggie Q who have been previously cast as the heroes of the piece.

Cory Goodman wrote the script. Scott Stewart (who also directs Bettany in 'Legion') is at the helm. Cameras roll next wee in Los Angeles.



Explosive action on the set of THE LOSERS

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Unlimited presents this bit of set video from the Puerto Rican location of 'The Losers'.



Cheadle Says IRON MAN 2 Builds From the First

When  asked by MTV Splash Page if 'Iron Man 2' needs to top the first film, actor Don Cheadle (who pays Jim Rhodes, aka War Machine in the picture) said the priority was more to build the storyline on the foundation that the original film had laid.

"We never said, 'How do we beat it?' in my opinion. We just said, 'How do we take what happened in the first film and pay it off now in the second film and really explore what it means now for a character to be going around as an actual super hero that everybody knows,'" Cheadle said.

Check out his complete video comments:

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