6 Truly True Blood Season 2 Moments (Mania.com)

By:Joe Oesterle
Date: Friday, September 11, 2009
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The unforgiving rays of the morning sun are about to peak over HBO’s horizon, signaling the latest coffin-confining hiatus for Bill Compton, Eric Northman and the rest of the Bon Temps vampires.
As true fans of True Blood will attest to, a true True Blood moment isn’t just about sharpened teeth ripping through fresh, frightened flesh--it’s also about relationships, and all the humor, sadness, struggles and joy they bring. So as True Blood gets ready to close the lid on another chapter of interpersonal connections (as well as healthy doses of sex, gore and social commentary) let us take a look back at some of the Truest and Bloodiest True Blood Moments of Season Two.

6. The Queen of the Vampires

True Blood

After teasing us with her existence for far too long, we were finally granted an audience with Sophie-Anne, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. Some fans were disappointed in Her Majesty’s general contented nonchalance and expected more of a demanding regal and lethal bitch. But come on, if you were ruler of the undead for centuries and you had that sweet pad, indoor pool, a seemingly unending supply of hot willing lesbian sex partners and at least as many Yahtzee partners, what could possibly prompt you to bare your fangs in anger?
Of course, after dating Marilyn Manson for years, actress Evan Rachel Wood probably felt she had to dial the decadence down a notch to make a believable immortal hedonist.
And for those who expected a certain sensually, slinky sadistic streak from the sexy succubus sovereign, we have no doubt she’ll demonstrate why she is held in such fearful esteem within the vampire community in Season Three.
Why Is this a Truly True Blood Moment? This whets our appetite for things to come.


5. Jessica Cries Blood

True Blood

 If vampires had after school specials to teach their little vampire offspring all the things that single vampire daddies were too embarrassed to share with their coming-of-age vampire daughters, “Jessica Cries Blood” would be the perfect title for such delicate programming. A TV Guide synopsis might read like this:
Sookie attempts to console young Jessica Hamby as she goes through the growing pains every teen-age vampire must endure. Reluctant vampire Bill is nowhere to be found, which leaves Sookie to explain the facts of unlife to his young hormonal charge.
Though we all tune to this show in for vampires gone wild moments, what brings us back are intelligent, humorous, relationship-driven scenes like this. Too bad Judy Blume was never turned. It would have been much easier on Bill to just hand Jessica a copy of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret and Now I’m a Vampire.”
Why TTBM? Clever writing, and it cemented Jessica Hamby as a multi-dimensional character.

4. Maryann’s Influence

True Blood

Adoring disciples of pleasure-seeking maenads seem to have a short life expectancy, especially after their work is done. Standing on the dock, awaiting her mistress, Daphne is at first delighted to feel the soft warm lips of Maryann upon her own. When black-eyed Eggs obediently shoves a knife through Daphne’s ribcage, she is at first stunned, but almost immediately accepts the knife as lovingly as she welcomed the kiss.
This scene was less about Daphne than it was about Maryann’s absolute influence and total power over just about all of Merlotte’s Bar and Grill. If you thought it was tough to say goodbye to summer, and fireworks and block parties last week, just think of how difficult it’s going to be for the temporarily self-indulgent citizens of Bon Temps when Sookie and company decide to shut down Maryann’s Big, God Who Comes, Meat, Sex and Sacrificial Annual Blowout.
Why TTBM? Well, because God is invited.

3. Chicago Bill

True Blood


Just as we were beginning to think Bill was becoming a bit of a vampiric pussy, we get a glimpse back to his carefree youth in Chi-Town. Playing piano was only one of Bill’s favorite pastimes back when he called the Windy City home. Among his other hobbies were swapping partners, cuckolding husbands, raping woman on blood-soaked sheets, devouring human flesh and stealing jewelry.
Yeah, Bill really knew how to live it up in the Prohibition era… especially for a dead guy.
Why TTBM? Showcasing Bill’s formerly wicked ways, allows us to see the progress he’s made in life... or whatever he calls it.


2. Everything About LaFayette

True Blood


For a non-vampire, that guy is a total bad-ass. Whether he’s beating up redneck homophobes, or zombified brothers with six-pack abs, Lafayette is not to be trifled with--unless you’re a vampire, and then trifle away.
This guy has been chained to a freaky wheel in a dungeon for weeks, watched a man get ripped apart and eaten, dug through dead muscle and meat to escape only to be shot in the leg by a overly-glamoured bar slut, feasted upon, thrown back into the dungeon, and has experienced some horrifying visions, and recently has become yet another dead-eyed slave to Maryann’s wild whims. But whenever it’s LaFayette against a non-powered mortal, we’re betting on the flamboyant butt-kicking machine every time.
Why TTBM? Demonstrating how powerful vampires actually are if they can make a guy like LaFayette tremble, and it also highlights the fact that every time actor Nelsan Ellis is on the screen, something memorable happens.


1. Godric Meets the Morning

True Blood


There hasn’t been a more awesome rooftop scene since John, Paul, George and Ringo gave their final live performance as a group. Father, brother and son, Godric and Eric, shared as touching a moment as any two vampires have. Together again for the last time, bathed in blue atop the Hotel Carmilla, these two very old men bared whatever is left of their souls to each other as Godric decided he no longer had any desire to exist as one of the undead eternals.
After 2,000 years, Godric was delightfully shocked that life had any surprises left for him, and he was touched that a human would be there to share in his final moments.
Why TTBM? Godric’s demise exemplifies everything about this show, and again, about relationships. This one scene brings to light smart writing, excellent acting, brilliant cinematography, and perfect pacing.
The creators of True Blood understand what its fans are craving, and it’s not only sex or gore or horror – it’s all about the dynamics between two or more people, living or otherwise. It turns out light moments found in dark places make for compelling television.  


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