23.5 Degrees: Mission Starchild Part Deux (Mania.com)

By:Lloyd Pye
Date: Saturday, September 12, 2009


In my recent call to action asking for help with the Starchild Skull, I left a mistaken impression. In the second paragraph I asked all Starchild supporters to spend less than $20 and give up a couple of hours of their time. I thought I was asking everyone to purchase my new eBook, Starchild Skull Essentials, about the case, thereby helping to support my ongoing efforts to widely publicize it, while at the same time informing more soldiers in the battle against those who are trying to suppress the information contained in the eBook. The two hours needed are one to read the eBook and the other to spread the word to others who might be interested to know about the incredible pile of evidence in favor of the Starchild being a human-alien hybrid. That evidence is genuinely, profoundly overwhelming.
Unfortunately, several people have taken me to task for "grubbing for money," or for "cheaply soliciting funds." Such criticisms are inevitable when someone like me asks for the normal financial support anyone needs to pay their bills from day-to-day. Every scientist in the world spends a large part of his or her professional life scheming to tap into the honeypot of grant money that is readily available to them, while alternative researchers with no access to any kind of formal funding sources are apparently supposed to be "corpo glorioso," able to live in a semi-divine state requiring no sustenance of any kind.
I don't beg for money. Yes, there are "Donate" buttons on my websites, but I focus my energies on asking people to purchase books I've written, which is a fair exchange of value.
I've spent ten extremely difficult years gaining the knowledge to produce both my eBook and my book about the Starchild skull. Neither costs more than a cheap dinner or a good movie. I don't see that as egregious, and I don't think most other people do, either. However, there are those who think I have no right to ask for even that much support, so to them I say... naaahhh, I better not say it.
Another thing to make clear about money is how much we need to make the final test happen. The 454 Life Science DNA recovery and evaluation of the data will be $250,000 US (150,000 pounds or 170,000 euros). However, that very high cost will produce most of the Starchild's genome, about 3 billion base pairs collected over 3-4 months. Then comes comparing it point-by-point with humans, chimps, gorillas, and soon Neanderthals. That comparison will show beyond any possible doubt, beyond any scientific weeping or wailing or gnashing of teeth, that the Starchild is not of this earth. This is an absolute lead-pipe cinch because there is not a single physical corollary between the Starchild skull and a normal human skull--not one! So there is no way its base pairs can be any closer to a human than a chimp or a gorilla. Personally, I'm betting it will be closer to gorillas than to chimps, which is why I push the eBook so hard. It makes the science of the case perfectly clear to anyone who will take an hour to read through it.
In addition to the testing amount, we also need an additional $250,000 to create a documentary film built around the testing process, from cutting into the bone to the final "Eureka!" moment. If ever a scientific test must be carefully documented, this is the one. Otherwise, scientists will dismiss the result by saying we must have made some mistake because the result is simply impossible. But if we have recorded every significant step, we can prove we did everything right and all arguments against it will die out. This is the only way to make it happen and make it stick, but if we do it this way we will indeed make it stick.
In 2003 a primer-based DNA test showed the Starchild was a human-alien hybrid. Definite. So now it is inevitable that someone with "Deep Pockets" will grasp this reality and the test will get underway. No one can stop it now, the horse is much too far out of the barn. And as more of you make yourselves fully aware of the facts in the case, the more we'll be insulated against anyone trying to stop us. It's as simple and scary and daring and courageous as that, and it's something anyone can be a part of with a minimum of effort. I hope everyone reading this will soon join me in helping the Starchild to take its proper place in history.
Lloyd Pye