By:Chad Derdowski
Review Date: Thursday, October 01, 2009
Source: Mania

The Star Sapphires fight to protect Zamaron against the threat of the Black Lanterns. Sinestro is fighting alongside them, but only to free the members of his Sinestro Corps from the Zamaron prisons in which they are being held captive. The late Abin Sur shows up and luckily so do Hal Jordan and a couple members of the Indigo Tribe, who seemingly know the secret of defeating the Black Lanterns.

John Stewart makes a decision, as does Mongul and before the issue is over, we get a few more secrets regarding the Black Lanterns and Sinestro as well as some fantastic space battles and tons of reanimated corpses. And who doesn’t love reanimated corpses?


The Good

Sinestro’s flawed but consistent code of honor is on display throughout the entire issue. With every one of his appearances and every detail about his past that is unearthed, Sinestro becomes a more and more interesting character, at times threatening to outshine even Hal Jordan. The back-and-forth dialogue between Jordan and his former mentor is fantastic, as is the relationship between Hal and Carol Ferris. Every word on every page is a treat to read.

And let’s not forget the talented pencil of Doug Mahnke, who can handle the depths of space or a putrid rotting corpse like nobody’s business.


The Bad

Green Lantern and the tie-in books have been such a blast lately, it’s hard to find anything to complain about, but I’ll see what I can find…

Things are moving fast in the Green Lantern and Blackest Night series’ – sometimes too fast. It would be nice if DC did a recap page the way Marvel does. For the most part, they catch you up within the story, but I wouldn’t mind a little refresher or reminder of everything that’s been happening. And it would be nice for the people who aren’t reading Blackest Night… wait, there are people who aren’t reading Blackest Night? For shame!


Cover art to GREEN LANTERN #46

The Bottom Line

I seriously do my best to look at these books with a more critical eye, but the bottom line is that the Green Lantern books are among the best superhero comics on the stands: maybe the best, and this issue is no exception. I begin and end every single issue with a smile on my face.

You dig space operas, science fiction and superheroics? Codes of honor and moral conviction? New Age-y metaphysics, crystals and stuff like that? Hot shot bad boys and beautiful women? Do you like to have FUN? It’s all in Green Lantern and Blackest Night. Do yourself a favor and read it. If you don’t want to start something in the middle, go back and buy all the trades. You will not regret it.

Mania Grade: A
Title: Green Lantern #46
Writer: Geoff Johns
Pencils: Dough Manke
Inks: Christian Alama, Tom Nguyn and Doug Manke
Color: Randy Mayor w/Gabe Eltaeb
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover: Mahnke, Alamy and Hi-Fi
Variant Cover: Andy Kubert and Alex Sinclair
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication Date: September 30, 2009
Price: $2.99