5 DC Must Make Movies (Mania.com)

By:Chad Derdowksi
Date: Friday, October 09, 2009


We aren’t going to pretend to understand all the details and corporate mumbo jumbo behind the DC Comics/Warner Brothers recent restructuring, but we do know this: The newly formed DC Entertainment will work more closely with Warner Brothers to bring fans more and better movies based on DC Comics properties. At least, we hope that’s the goal. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of Must Have DC Movies: the characters that need to be given some love on the big screen and in theaters near you.

5. Green Arrow

Whatever happened to that SUPERMAX idea that was floating around? The one that featured Oliver Queen framed for a crime he didn’t commit and thrown into a prison designed exclusively for supervillains? As far as we’re concerned, it’s a no-brainer and it kills more than two birds with one stone.
By featuring an out-of-costume Green Arrow, you appeal to those oddball filmgoers who actually don’t want to see a bunch of dudes in funny outfits running around punching each other. It isn’t the type of idea that suits every hero: it wouldn’t work for Batman or Superman, but it is a perfect fit for a more “reality based” hero like Green Arrow. Also, by setting the movie in a supervillain prison, you get the opportunity to create an entire universe, much like Marvel is doing with their recent films.
If Green Arrow runs into the Penguin, Captain Cold or Deathstroke and those characters show up later in a Batman, Flash or Teen Titans movie, not only have they already been established (so we can skip the tedious origin stories), the film has also established the fact that all of these characters inhabit the same world, which makes things easier when the Justice League movie rolls around.

4. Flash

The special effects used in the Flash television show from the early ‘90s looked pretty good: imagine how good that’ll look now!
Much like Green Lantern, the Flash is a character who is well known by the average, non-comic reading fan (thanks to his participation in the Super Friends cartoon) but hasn’t really been given his just desserts. He’s a household name that people outside of the comics community don’t really know that much about, making him the perfect choice for a big budget movie.
The idea of a police scientist who is always running late acquiring super speed can be played for a few good laughs and could be used to introduce not just one, but many supervillains. The Flash has one of the coolest and most colorful rogues galleries in comics. They’re so evil, they don’t even need to come up with a cool name like the Sinister Six when they get together; they’re simply called The Flash’s Rogues Gallery. 
So here’s the pitch: A group of villains with high tech weaponry are running roughshod over Central City. Their organized attacks are so well coordinated that the police would have to be in five places at once in order to stop them… do we really need to explain this one any further? The guy has super-speed!

3. Nightwing

Batman has always been a moneymaker and even though attempts to expand the franchise haven’t always been successful (Catwoman and the Birds of Prey television series), we think Nightwing might be the exception to the rule.
Nolan and Christian Bale have both sworn we’ll never see Robin in any Batman movie that they’re involved in but by using Nightwing, we get the best of both worlds. Here’s the scenario: let’s say that Nolan doesn’t get around to making another Batman movie for a few more years. In the meantime,  Nightwing is released featuring Dick Grayson, the guy who operated briefly as Batman’s partner before being dumped by the Darknight Detective after almost biting the dust. It’s just too dangerous of a line of work, and Bats just can’t have someone else’s death on his conscience, so Dick goes out on his own with a new identity.
This way, we can skip over the introduction of Robin and only reference it in flashback. Again, this serves to establish a larger world that is inhabited by many costumed heroes and villains and it allows fans to have their cake and eat it too: If they want to use Nightwing in future Batman installments, we get a Dynamic Duo, but without the ridiculous notion of a teenage sidekick in the grim n’ gritty and all too realistic world that Chris Nolan has created. 

2. Wonder Woman

Seriously, why hasn’t this happened yet? Wonder Woman is the last of DC’s big guns to get the big screen treatment and she is the one who is most deserving. A Wonder Woman movie could be the big budget action flick with crossover appeal that every studio is looking for.
Play up the political side of the story by featuring Diana as an ambassador from Paradise Island looking to reach out to man’s world, which is currently on the path to damning the earth through warfare and pollution. She’s sent here to assess our civilization and determine whether or not we should be allowed to carry on or be destroyed by an all-out Amazon invasion and she wraps herself in the colors of the world’s most powerful nation as a way to set our minds at ease. She ends up realizing that mankind is worth saving after seeing the good that we can accomplish, but it can only be done by working together rather than being at odds. Unfortunately, Ares sends launches an attack on the U.S. and frames the Amazons, so Wonder Woman has to work to stop him and save the island of her birth.
We’ve got a powerful female role model, a look at the current state of the world and big ol’ minotaurs and mythological monsters. This has “hit” written all over it.

1. Justice League

We weren’t too excited about the idea of the WB version of the JLA either and we’re glad that never got off the ground. But if handled properly (and not rushed), the Justice League movie could be the biggest thing this side of The Avengers.
After Green Lantern wraps and once the Flash and Wonder Woman have hit the big screen, it’ll be time to bring them all together for the Justice League film. Green Arrow: Supermax will lay the groundwork by establishing the supervillain prison and the Justice League film will open with a prison break orchestrated by Lex Luthor and Braniac. The two are attempting to assemble a veritable Legion of Doom using the Flash’s Rogues Gallery as the hired thugs, giving Sinestro a chance to settle the score with Hal Jordan and maybe even making a deal with the Ares, the God of War who just can’t stand the fact that he was shown up by a woman. Naturally, it will take the combined efforts of the world’s greatest heroes to stop them and when Superman joins the team, not only will they have enough firepower to defeat the bad guys, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to jumpstart the Man of Steel’s own film franchise.
Are you listening Diane Nelson? You’re the lady who oversaw the Harry Potter franchise, so we rest assured that you know a good thing when you see it. Well here are five good things. Take a look at what Marvel Studios is doing and use that as your template: make good movies and use a little creative know-how to tie them all together. Establish a shared universe and once you’ve laid the groundwork, hit us with a one-two punch and give DC fans the films they deserve.



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