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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Friday, October 09, 2009

Actors, tell your agents to get you one of the remaining bit roles in 'Thor'. Plus: Ellis to write 'Gravel' screenplay. Writers talk 'Cowboys & Aliens'. Cat walking onto 'Smallville'? More! Crashing into the moon just because it's thirsty, it's your Comics2Film 9.10.9!



Ellis to pen GRAVEL Script

Legendary Pictures have announced plans to develop a feature film based on the Warren Ellis comic 'Gravel', according to Variety. Ellis is set to write the script for the movie.

In the comic (published by Avatar Press) William Gravel is a soldier in the British S.A.S. who uses his skills in dark magic to moonlight and battle supernatural beings for clients in order to make some extra cash. The character originated in the 1999 series 'Strange Kiss'.

Ellis is also serving as executive producer on the project. Rick Alexander is also producing.



ST TRINIAN'S to Attempt Socioviral Campaign

NeoClassics, the distributor behind the U.K. comedy 'St Trinian's' (which is based on a comic strip there), says it's going to take a page from Paramount Pictures' playbook and try to build viral buzz on social networks, the same way the major studio has for 'Paranormal Activity'.

Variety reports that the Paramount screamer (which C2F saw on Wednesday and agrees is worth seeking out) has grossed over a half-million in its limited release, boasting a better per-screen average than most major releases.

The film will launch in 76 theaters on the East Coast, somehow targeting private-school audiences and build buzz from there.

The film was already released in the U.K. in December 2007. It grossed $25 million there.

Created by English cartoonist Ronald Searle  'St. Trinians' features a school for young hellions that routinely tortured each other, their teachers and, well, just about everyone.



Cat Grant Coming to SMALLVILLE?

KryptonSite reports that there's a rumor afoot that actress Emilie Ullerup may be turning up on this season of 'Smallville' as Daily Planet office slut Cat Grant.

The character, introduced to the 'Superman' comics in the late 1980s and served as a temporary romantic interest for Clark Kent. She was also a staple of the 1990s TV series 'Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman' where she was played by Tracy Scoggins.

Word of the casting rumor comes via IMDB.


HUMAN TARGET Episode #5 Spoilers

KryptonSite's Target419, devoted to the new comic-based Fox series 'Human Target' has posted a title and some minor spoilers for the fifth episode of the show, set to air in 2010.



Orci and Kurtzman talks COWBOYS, ALIENS and TRANSFORMERS has a one-on-one with Hollywood hot hands Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. They talk about a great many interesting things, like 'Star Trek', 'Fringe' and 'View-Master' (for real). Of interest on the comic-based front are their comments about 'Transformers 3' and 'Cowboys & Aliens', the latter of which recently saw director Jon Favreau and actor Robert Downey Jr. signing up for.

"It’s the greatest," Kurtzman said of the prospect of working with Favreau on the film.

Orci adds, "We just started and we’re getting along really well. We’ve sent ourselves back to school and we’re watching Westerns together and analyzing them. We’re just getting into it."

Orci also said the Favreau is incredibly knowledgeable about Western movies.

"I think Jon also comes from a very similar emotional place and, because he’s an actor, he knows what plays and what doesn’t play very quickly," Kurzman said. "We’re having an unbelievably good time working with him."

They also addressed the recent confirmation that they were bowing out of the 'Transformers 3' movie.

"We’ve been working on Transformers longer than I was in college," Orci told Collider, expressing his franchise fatigue. "I feel like we have our degree in Transformers now."

Kurtzman adds, "The franchise is so wonderful that it deserves to be fresh, all the time. We just felt like we’d given it a lot and didn’t have an insight for where to go with it next, and said, 'You should do it right.'"

Orci said that Paramount and Dreamworks kept the door open for them to return for a third go-round, but they felt like they didn't have a fresh idea to bring back to the table, and thus stepped aside for writer Ehren Kruger, who co-wrote 'Revenge of the Fallen' with them.

Click through for the complete Q & A and more insights about upcoming projects for Hollywood's current wonder boys.



THOR Still Casting

To all you aspiring actors out there, there's still a chance to land a role in Marvel's 'Thor' movie. SpoilerTV has recently posted two sets of casting sides making the rounds among agents.

The first, seeking a 20-something actress:


(20) Is a college student. Aloof, jaded beyond her years, she thought her internship with scientist Kate Spelling would be an easy 6 college credits. However, she's been stuck for months in this small New Mexico town and relegated to a wide range of unglamorous activities. Kate has been particularly hard on Marcy, making it her personal project to see that Marcy lives up to her potential. Marcy deals with her situation both by using subtle irony and by being an overt wiseass.

The second, seeking some tall actors willing to suffer prosthetics and forgo the glory of a speaking line (are you reading this Doug Jones?):


A fearless warrior race, where size, strength and ferocity define a member's rank in both the social and military hierarchy. Warriors born in this society face the harshest ecological conditions imaginable and thrive in environments where lesser creatures, including humans, quickly perishes. Theirs is a world created to cull weakness from the universe to ensure their supreme sovereignty spreads across the stars. MUST BE 6'2 OR TALLER sptv050769, NO BODYBUILDER TYPES. SAG ROLE BUT NO LINES. MUST BE COMFORTABLE WEARING PROSTHETICS.

What do you think, Maniacs? Does anyone know a Marcy Lewis from the comics? What about these tall, lanky "Warriors"? Are they frost giants? Post your comments below...

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