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By:Chad Derdowski
Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The Avengers: It’s the name of the biggest and best team of super powered do-gooders in the Marvel Universe. It’s also the most anticipated superhero movie of the decade.In 2012, the dream will become a reality. The current slate of Marvel-produced films are all gearing up for it: a Nick Fury cameo in Iron Man, a Tony Stark cameo in The Incredible Hulk and hints of Captain America in both.
Both Thor and Captain America have got movies in the works and we know that they, along with Iron Man and (hopefully) Hulk, will be featured in the Avengers movie. Director Jon Favreau has made mention of Black Widow, we can assume that since War Machine is in Iron Man 2 there’s a good chance he’ll be an Avenger as well, and you can’t do it without Nick Fury. But who else will make the cut? Here are our picks for heroes who might heed the call of “Avengers Assemble!”

7. & 6. Wasp and Ant Man

We’re grouping them together because one without the other is kind of lame, but they’re both integral parts of the team. They don’t have to be stars… hell, they don’t even have to be in costume. But they must be there. Even if they only make brief cameos as Janet Van Dyne (the team’s wardrobe consultant) and Hank Pym (research scientist for Stark Enterprises), you can’t do the Avengers without two of the founding members.
And you gotta have Hank and Janet if you’re gonna have Ultron. And even if he isn’t in the first movie, sooner or later you gotta have Ultron.

5. Hawkeye

Because Hawkeye is awesome. Because guys who stand side-by-side with gods, monsters, walking A-bombs and living legends wielding only a bow and arrow have got bigger cojones than the pair the Hulk is sportin’. Also because somebody has to give Captain America an earful–and Hawkeye could be some great comic relief. Realistically, he’s better suited to turn up in the sequel than the first flick, but if ol’ Clint Barton ended up on the roster in the 2012, you won’t hear us complain.

4. Scarlet Witch

Avengers Mansion is going to look like something of a sausage factory rather than a superhero hangout. To break up the boys’ club atmosphere, we suggest adding a sexy sorceress to the team. Not only is Scarlet Witch a classic Avenger, she’s got cool powers, is smokin’ hot and in the event that Marvel/Disney ever wrests the rights to the X-Men franchise away from Fox, she also happens to be Magneto’s daughter, a fact that could be used for an eventual Avengers/X-Men crossover movie. 
Yes, we’re thinking that far ahead. This is a wish list. We’re geeks. This is what we do.

3. Vision

Hank Pym begat Ultron and Ultron begat the Vision. We won’t get into what the Vision begat because that whole Scarlet Witch having sex-with-an-android thing still creeps us out. But the Vision is another one of those characters that immediately comes to mind when the word “Avengers” is spoken. Like Hawkeye, he’s probably better left for the sequel, but perhaps he could be hinted at in the first one? A scene in Hank Pym’s laboratory showcasing several projects he is working on including a couple of androids: one with a familiar green and yellow paint scheme. It could just be a nice Easter egg for fans similar to Cap’s shield sitting on Iron Man’s workbench.

2. Black Panther

He’s sort of like Tony Stark, but without the armor and the attitude. Oh yeah, and he’s also the king of the incredibly advanced African nation of Wakanda. Yeah, that’s Black Panther: he’s a badass. He’s also been an esteemed member of the Avengers, the Defenders and the Fantastic Four and we think he’d be a perfect fit in the Avengers movie.
It would be interesting to see Tony Stark and T’Challa treated as teammates and competitors in this movie: A friendly rivalry with sort of an “anything you can do, I can do without armor” vibe to it.

1. Hulk

Yeah, we mentioned him earlier in the “we know for sure these guys will be in the movie” part of the article, but since the ever-churning rumor mill continues to refer to Hulk as a maybe, we want to reiterate our point: it’s not the Avengers without the Hulk. You can say the movie was a flop, you can say Ed Norton was hard to work with; we don’t care. We don’t even care if Norton is in the movie or not–we just want the Hulk.
Whether the Avengers form in order to take the Hulk down only to find that he is just a pawn in a villain’s game or they all just meet for tea and crumpets, one thing is for certain: when the Avengers assemble, ol’ jade jaws had better be assemblin’ with them.

The Benchwarmers

That’s our list of Avengers hopefuls. Our sincere apologies to Wonder Man, Tigra, Dr. Druid and the entire roster of the Great Lakes Avengers. You guys are really awesome, just not awesome enough. With any luck some of you will at least get a new action figure out of the whole deal and maybe a guest spot in the inevitable Avengers cartoon that follows up the movie.


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