Mania Exclusive: Interview with Greg Ayres (

By:Kat Wiggers and Brooke Teer
Date: Friday, November 20, 2009

At Neko-con 2009, talented and well-known voice actor, Greg Ayers sat down with us for a relaxed interview where he talked with us about his career as an actor. Greg is known for his roles in animes such as Chrono Crusade, Beck, DNAngel, Evangelion, Samurai 7, Saiyuki, and many more. Unfortunately, I’m not able to verbatim quote Greg, because I’ll let it be known, he’s quite the chatter-box. I will however, give the high points of our interview to the best of my ability.

Q: What made you consider becoming a voice actor?

Greg Ayres: (in summary): He didn’t actually want to be one in the beginning. He told us he was a fan, like many who hated dubbing simply because the English voices were never quite right. However, after watching Trigun and hearing Johnny Bosch as his voice actor found that in his opinion Bosch was better than the Japanese voice actor, which is what began piquing his interest in voice acting.

Q: How did you get started?

GA: This question was given the winning response. Someone who was trying to get him hired told the people to call his voice mail because of how young Greg sounded. So they proceeded to call his voice mail just to listen to him and just couldn’t pass him up, even if it were just a small role, simply because of his voice over the phone.

Q: Since you didn’t want to be a voice actor what did you want to be?

GA: Greg answered with things like; a princess, a dog, an actor. In other words he wanted to be anything and everything. In fact he has been a DJ, taught graphic design for 12 years, bartended, acted, worked in a law firm, even ice skating. So, he’s done quite a bit and voice acting is luckily, not the end of the road for him.

Q: What have been your favorite roles?

GA: His response to this was Chrono, of Chrono Crusade, because he is so much like him and really loves Chrono’s personality. Also, Yukio from Beck, telling us it was one of his favorite because with this character he was able to help people, primarily with the song ‘Slip Out.’ He told of kids who would come up to him saying how much that song has helped them out of rough spots and how touching as an actor that is.

Q: On that note, any regrettable roles?

GA: He said none really except being re-casted for Evangelion was his only disappointing moment.

Q: Due to the unstable business of voice acting now, what have you considered to do as a “real world job”

GA: Greg told us solemnly that voice actors are trying to sell their talent because of the failing field and he refuses to do that. However, he doesn’t know what it is he wants to do, he still hopes to be able to remain acting on the side no matter what he does. It was also mentioned the possibility of starting his own business (T-shirts maybe?). Though, Greg said he’s found that everything he has tried he’s done well, if not exceeded at it so, he’s not afraid to try anything.

We had such a wonderful time speaking to this amazingly talented voice actor. Thanks go out to him for making time for us that weekend to do our laid-back interview. Greg Ayers is the type of person you’d everyone, funny and light hearted, but serious enough to know his own values and stick by them no matter what. Once again, our thanks to him for participating so willingly.

Series: Samurai 7, Saiyuki, DNAngel, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Chrono Crusade, Beck