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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Wednesday, November 25, 2009
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There's new 'Iron Man 2' artwork online. Plus: 'Human Target' gets a date and time slot. Silver updates on 'Swamp Thing' progress. Jackson updates on 'Tintin' progress and more! The daily column that's still waiting for a V to chow a rat, it's your Comics2Film 9.11.25!



HUMAN TARGET Gets Date, Time

The Fox network has rolled out it's mid-season schedule. 'Human Target' is now scheduled to debut on January 20th, on Wednesdays at 9pm. The good news for the show is that it follows 'American Idol'. While it remains to be seen whether or not there's a large crossover between the audiences for the two shows, at least there will be a lot of eyeballs on Fox when the show debuts.



Peter Jackson on TINTIN reports on a chat Peter Jackson had with the UK press, during his publicity tour for 'The Lovely Bones'.

Jackson gave them the scoop on the 'Tintin' movie. He said the first CGI-animated motion-capture movie, which he is producing and Steven Spielberg is directing, has completed principal photography (mocap?) and is coming to computer-animated life.

"'Tintin' is great. It's made. The movie is cut together and now [we] are turning it into a fully-rendered film. So the movie, to some degree, exists in a very rough state," Jackson said.

Click through for comments about 'The Hobbit' as well.

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More on Kat Dennings in THOR

Variety has followed MTV and Hollywood Reporter in telling us that actress Kat Dennings has joined the cast of Marvel's 'Thor' movie.

It's kind of old news at this point, but they did have one new bit of information in their report: Denning's character is someone named Darcy, confirming that this is likely a very minor supporting role.



Francis Lawrence Also Helming IN THE SMALL

Slashfilm has revealed that director Francis Lawrence, who previously brought the DC/Vertigo comic 'Constantine' to the big screen and is now attached to direct 'Sgt. Rock', has his eye on another graphic novel. Lawrence is also developing Michael Hague's book 'In the Small'.

The project had been announced several years ago, with Lawrence's frequent collaborator/producer Akiva Goldsman developing it.

The book focuses on a strange explosion that leaves everything else in the world intact but shrinks all humans to six inches tall. The survivors are forced to transition to a new social order in which man is no longer at the top of the food chain -- and is confronted by a new and greater existential threat.




Producer Joel Silver out talking up 'Ninja Assassin' but also took some time to update SCI FI Wire on his various other projects, comic-based and otherwise.

Silver seemed excited about the new take on 'Sgt. Rock' which has director Francis Lawrence transplanting DC Comics' World War II hero into some kind of future war. "Francis has got a real vision for this thing, and if we can pull it off it'll be a great movie," Silver said.

He also talked about a film that we here at C2F are more interested in, 'Swamp Thing' which has been bubbling in development hell for a while now. Plans are for the movie to arrive in 3D, but Silver said a 2010 play date may be too ambitious at this point.

"I don't think it'll be that soon, but we're working on it," Silver said. "It's happening, so we'll see what happens. I mean, it's something I'm excited about doing, and I want to hopefully pull that off, so we're working on that now."

Click through for more from Silver on his various upcoming projects.



Rockwell feels the love for IRON MAN 2

Actor Sam Rockwell, who plays the Tony Stark foil Justin Hammer in the upcoming 'Iron Man 2' said he felt very comfortable on the set of the film.

He told MTV Splash Page that his initial reaction to being on the set was similar to the pressure he felt of being on "big deal" movies like 'Frost/Nixon' or 'Green Mile', but says he settled in with the cast and crew very quickly.

"Maybe because I knew Jon Favreau and we had done 'Made,' which was a smaller movie, and Justin Theroux was writing it, who's a friend of mine, there was a lot of improvisation. It was a very loose environment," Rockwell said. But he got a greater sense of the anticipation for the film when he went to Comic-Con. "We were looking at each other, — me and Scarlett [Johansson] and Don Cheadle — looking at each other like, 'Wow, this looks pretty good! This is a big movie!' It actually felt really comfortable. We were actually pretty relaxed."



Squishy New IRON MAN Artwork Online

Fans may be waiting for War Machine to shred up the big screen next summer, but they'll see him first on this weekend's episode of 'The Super Hero Squad Show'.

The press blurb for the episode conspicuously avoids referring to the character as "War Machine" though, and instead talks about him as a second Iron Man. Probably somebody at the network figured out War Machine is a pretty unfriendly name for a character on a kids show. 

Here's the hype:

Doctor Doom, Crimson Dynamo and the Melter team up to take down Iron Man—but they didn’t count on two of ‘em at 7:30 PM Eastern on Cartoon Network this Saturday! In this week’s all-new episode of The Super Hero Squad Show, Iron Man’s best friend James Rhodes must armor up—and “Hero Up”—to help save his pal from certain doom (gulp)! As a new hero emerges, Squaddies Wolverine and Reptil face off with Abomination and M.O.D.O.K. in a game so deadly, so sinister, that mankind has only one name for it: GOLF! Star Trek: The Next Generation and Reading Rainbow megastar LeVar Burton guest stars as the voice of James Rhodes in the last installment of the chart topping, family friendly Super Hero Squad Show!

Plus, don’t miss the new Marvel Super Hero Squad series, jam-packed with your favorite Marvel heroes and all-ages action, in comic shops now!

Tune into the Cartoon Network at 7:30 PM on Saturday to “Hero Up!” with your favorite characters in the Marvel Universe—or any other—in an all-new episode of The Super Hero Squad Show!

To learn more about The Super Hero Squad Show, please visit and!

Marvel sent us the title card for the show, which pays homage to the very first Iron Man comic cover: "Tales of Suspense #39"



New IRON MAN 2 Artwork Online

There's some new 'Iron Man 2' artwork popping up here and there.

First up, Empire Magazine is exclusively debuting your first look at the new armor on the cover of their upcoming issue.

The armor for the new movie is a spectacular reworking

Well, ok. At first blush it looks a lot like the old armor. There are probably some differences that will turn up if you compare it with a photo of the original.

A more exciting set of artwork for the film can be found at This site has a gallery of promotional artwork for the movie. It's the kind of character design model sheets that would be given to a licensee who is developing product for the film.

On display are a number of cool illustrations of the War Machine suit as well as big red. And look closely at some of those Iron Man model sheets. The armored Avengers is sporting a triangular chest piece in a couple of them, suggesting something we may see as Stark upgrades his arsenal in the film.

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