Moon Boy Vol. #05 (

By:Julie Opipari
Review Date: Monday, January 04, 2010
Release Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2008

With more than just the Foxes hunting him, can Myung-Ee protect Yu-Da from his enemies?

Creative Staff
Writer/Artist: Lee YoungYou
Translation: HyeYoung Im
Adaptation: Arthur Dela Cruz

What They Say
Having survived the battle with the Soon-La renegades, Myung-Ee can't remember anything about the fight! In her quest to discover what really happened, she finds herself crossing paths with Sa-Eun more than once. Though he stays silent about the battle, he lets slip a shocking secret about himself to his rabbit adversary! Meanwhile, Yu-Da has returned safely with the help of two mysterious friends...who seem intent to wreak havoc on both the Rabbit and Fox tribes! Is the Black Rabbit slipping away from Myung-Ee for good?

The Review!
Myung-Ee and Sa-Eun have their hands full.  In addition to constantly bickering with each other, they also have new enemies to worry about, surprising enemies from within the Rabbit tribe.  It seems that everyone is after the power and immortality that will be gained by devouring Yu-Da’s liver, and there are plenty of traitors from both tribes ready to hand him over for the right price.  What nobody seems to know is that Yu-Da isn’t the helpless pawn they all think he is, and that he has secret allies to help keep him safe. 

Moon Boy continues to chug along, offering up an uneven fantasy story.  The pacing is improving with each volume, but there is still so much random background noise that sometimes it’s difficult to focus on the primary plot.  Most of the humor still feels very out of place, like road bumps in the middle of a race track.  It detracts from Myung-Ee’s efforts to keep Yu-Da and his liver intact, but it’s worth noting that these random flashes of irritation were kept to a minimum in this volume.

Yu-Da has a lot of secrets, and I am starting to get very interested in puzzling them out.  He is a character who appears helpless and pitiable, but there is a demon lurking in him, one that nobody knows about.  Despite his weak appearance, he is one powerful guy, and he is swift and ruthless when he is defending himself.  He has been a captive of the Foxes for the last five years, and they think that they have total control of him and his thoughts.  He has been freed from their control over his memories, though he continues to pretend to be weak and powerless when he’s with them.  I am really looking forward to him revealing his true self to them, and hope he beats the snot out of them for all of the rotten things that they have done to him.

Myung-Ee and Sa-Eun are being forced together for longer periods of time, and I think they make a fun couple, but maybe I am biased toward forbidden relationships.  Theirs can’t be a happy ending, since Sa-Eun’s people feast on Myung-Ee’s Rabbit tribe.  Not that she’s interested in him, anyway, because her heart belongs to Yu-Da, and always has.  Yu-Da’s cold rejection time after time should sink in eventually, though a love triangle between the Myung-Ee, Sa-Eun, and Yu-Da might be entertaining.  The relationships are stepping up to drive the story forward, and it’s a welcome development.  To say that things are complicated between the three of them is an understatement, and I can’t help but wonder what lies in wait for them and their uneasy friendship.

In Summary:
Moon Boy is struggling to find its footing and decide what it wants to be.  The slapstick comedy that was featured in previous volumes has been (thankfully) toned down, and now the characters and their unique circumstances are beginning to push the action into motion.  The pacing is still uneven, and the frequent, jarring changes in perspective can be distracting, but it feels like the series is starting to come together.  Patience is a virtue, especially where Moon Boy is concerned. 

Mania Grade: B-
Art Rating: B
Packaging Rating: B
Text/Translation Rating: B
Age Rating: 13 and Up
Released By: Yen Press
MSRP: 10.99
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-0759529618
Size: A5
Orientation: Left to Right