God of War 3 Demo (Mania.com)

By:Briana Lawrence
Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009


Somehow this reviewer has gone her entire PS2 career without playing a single minute of the God of War series, and she’s had a PS2 since the first year it came out. So why not jump into the series head first with God of War 3? 

So Is the Demo Any Good?
Yes, yes, and hell yes. As soon as you hit the start button the slaughtering begins. It’s fun. It’s appealing to the eye with its broken apart cities and larger than life monsters. The music makes you feel like you’re a part of something epic. And it’s got a man who seems to have a fetish for brutal attacks that spare no one.

Define Brutal
Kratos isn’t afraid to show us how lots of blood and severed heads look on 1080p. You get to rip out the eye of a giant cyclops in a reaction command mini-game, and Kratos really digs into that eye socket, the camera not hesitating to zoom in on the action. And Kratos can ride around on said cyclops to trample over his enemies. Nice guy, Kratos is. If that wasn’t gross enough for you then just wait about two minutes when you get to rip off the head of Helios. Dear god, you can see the skin being pulled away from his neck as his head is ripped off! Afterwards you use his head as a sort of flashlight to uncover secrets and light up dark areas. Nice. And lets not forget the chimera you fight whose tail you get to rip off, then you get to break one of its horns and stab it in the eye. 
No one is safe from Kratos’ wrath, not even innocent people caught in the crossfire. This is probably common knowledge from previous games, but to the first timer its quite a surprise to see a man on the edge of a building begging for help, and Kratos reaching over, smashing his head into the building, then letting him fall over the edge. Just… holy bananas! 

Holy Bananas Is Right! But Is the Gameplay as Good as the Graphics? 
It’s incredible from start to finish. The game will tell you how to use the three different weapons you start with and will teach you about Kratos’ attacks, but honestly, just hit some buttons and watch the magic unfurl. Seriously, keep hitting those buttons and seeing what combos you can come up with. And use every weapon you have because good gravy they’re all awesome. Blades, giant gauntlets for fists, even a bow and arrow if you feel like sniping airborne enemies. 
There’s only one real complaint with the demo and that’s flying via harpies. It’s a bit odd to control and at first it was hard to tell if you were supposed to keep hitting the button to punch them or if Kratos did it automatically. It does show how kick ass Kratos is -- shooting the creature with his bow and arrow then repeatedly punching it to force it to take you across gaps -- but hopefully the “torture harpies controls” are a bit better in the actual game. There’s a part later where you’re flying up an air vent and for some reason the flight controls are inverted. You have the option of changing them, but it was a bit of a surprise the first time.

How Do You Get the Demo?!
There are three ways, actually. The God of War Collection on PS3-- remakes of God of War 1 and 2 only in 720p -- has the demo code inside of the case. You can also pre-order the game on Amazon.com or at GameStop and get the demo while supplies last. There are two versions of the game available for preorder, the normal and the “ultimate” edition that comes in Pandora’s Box with an art book, digital content, a documentary, a downloadable combat arena and a Kratos skin. You can also purchase a copy of “District 9” when it’s released on bluray and the demo will be on the disc.   

Is the Demo Worth It?
Ever since the first E3 trailer -- crashing waves, epic narration, and a pissed off looking Kratos -- its been hard to not be excited for this game, and the demo will only succeed in making you more anxious then you were before. Gorgeous graphics, insane combos, and plenty of grotesque images makes this perfect for anyone who wants to run in and beat the crap out of everyone around them.