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By:Briana Lawrence
Date: Monday, January 04, 2010


Once upon a time there was a damsel in distress, trapped in the highest tower of all the land. As the big bad villain entered her room she reached under her dress, pulled out two fully loaded pistols, and shot up the evil menace until she ran out of bullets. These days, the “princess” is indeed in another castle… because she blew up the last one. Here’s to the women who we love to watch kick ass!

13. Princess Peach (Super Smash Brothers)

To us, Peach is an abnormality. She gets kidnapped on a regular basis yet she somehow is able to hold her own in a fight in Smash Brothers? Floating in the air, slapping people, dancing around and putting everyone to sleep so she can send them flying off stage with her frying pan. She knows how to defend herself, so why doesn’t she?! Maybe her and Bowser are kart racing buddies?

12. Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

If you ever wondered what a female Dante would be like, this isn’t going to answer those questions. Same creator, but Bayonetta has a style all her own. We don't know too much about her yet, but we do know that she’s got enough weapons to make anyone pee their pants. Guns, swords, whips, death traps, and did we mention that her hair shifts into a ginormous demon? Oh, and she transforms into animals too. Is there anything she can’t do?   

11. Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda) 

Only Zelda can be captured in every single one of her games and still be one of the most amazing video game princesses out there. She always seems to find a way to assist Link in his adventures, even if his quest involves saving her. And who can forget her alter-ego, Sheik, who appears in both Ocarina of Time and Smash Brothers. She may get kidnapped as much as Peach, but she’ll definitely give her captors a hard time. And never let her get a hold of a bow and arrow or it’s the end for you.

10. Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy 7)

Before we even knew what an RPG really was, calling it “that game where you have to talk to everybody,“ we found ourselves falling in love with Tifa when we discovered our first Final Fantasy game. Here Cloud was with a ridiculously huge sword and standing next to him was Tifa, armed with nothing but her fists but still pummeling enemies with everyone else. And while we do love the later heroines we ran into--Quistis, Yuna, up and coming Lightning--and the old school ones we’re discovering thanks to the DS and PSP re-releases, Tifa is our first Final Fantasy girl and holds a special place in our hearts.       

9. Alice (American McGee's Alice)

There have been many different interpretations to Lewis Caroll’s tale of the girl who fell down the rabbit hole but none quite like this. A suicidal main character who has lost everything, Alice is now in an insane asylum after her parents were burned to death in a house fire. Ten years later, the White Rabbit summons her for help in overthrowing the Queen of Hearts and restoring the once peaceful Wonderland, which has been corrupted by Alice’s growing insanity. If you missed out on this game back in 2000, fear not! There’s talk of a new installment of the game on next-gen consoles.

8. Faith (Mirror's Edge)

Faith is a runner--a person who carries information around the city--and mainly stays out of the way of the government and their activities. But when her sister is framed for murder she sets out to find out the truth and clear her sister’s name. We are particularly fond of Faith because she doesn’t run in armed with a ton of guns, the point is to avoid trouble while at the same time jumping right into it to find out what‘s going on. It’s difficult not to grab the gun lying on the floor, but Faith proves that you don’t need it to make it to the end.

7. Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4)

She’s probably not as well known as the other girls on this list but she’s definitely an interesting character. Naoto poses as the “detective prince,” hiding her female identity because she feels that she would get no respect as a female detective. But Shin Megami games are never that easy and we get to see a rather dark confrontation between Naoto and her shadow self who discusses a “procedure” that not-so-subtly hints at an operation to change Naoto’s gender. Did we mention the creepy laboratory setting with the operating table and giant saw?

6. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

It was difficult to pick just one girl in the zombie shooting franchise. There are quite a few picks in Resident Evil alone--Claire, Sheva, Rebecca--but there are also classic games like Parasite Eve and newer franchises like Left 4 Dead to choose from. But we have to pick Jill for this one. You have to give her credit for surviving through the first game, beating Nemesis in RE3, returning in RE5, and being a zombie summoning, rocket launching, 2-D fighter in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. 

5. Heather (Silent Hill 3)

Silent Hill 3 gets bonus points for having a female protagonist AND antagonist. While Silent Hill 3 wasn’t as much of a psychological mind beating as the second one, it did have one really cool lead character. If anything can capture our love for Heather, it’s this line she gives to Claudia--the main villainess--when she first meets her:
Claudia: I’m Claudia.
Heather: Who cares?
Thank you, Heather. Thank you.

4. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

You can’t have a list like this without mentioning Lara. It’s hard to believe that she came into our lives nearly 14 years ago, searching for rare artifacts that always led to bigger, world saving, supernatural being reviving, cult stopping adventures. Equipped with double pistols and enough gadgets to make the FBI jealous, you have to wonder why Lara’s enemies don’t just hand her the frickin’ artifacts to avoid the inevitable beat-down.

3. Nariku (Heavenly Sword)

Who can forget that commercial full of long red hair, an epic sword, and one pissed off woman surrounded by an entire army. An early release on the PS3, Heavenly Sword was full of amazing graphics, great voice acting, and of course… Nariku. Not only does she wield the legendary sword, but she disproves the prophecy of a male being the one who would take the sword and bring peace to the land. The game was, sadly, very short, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the gorgeous hack and slash.

2. Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

We love fighting games and Street Fighter 2 on the SNES was the first one we ever touched. Chun-Li was the only girl on the roster at the time, but she definitely held her own in a fight with her spinning bird kick and lightning fast legs. Back then it was rare to find many girl fighters in these games, but now there’s always a Cammy, Kitana, Millia Rage, Mai Shiranui, Nina Williams, Talim, and many others. But Chun-Li started it all for us, and for a lot of girl gamers in the ‘90s.   

1. Samus Aran (Metroid)

Back when Nintendo was still pretty new to us, when all we played was Super Mario Brothers, Tetris, Duck Hunt, and that one track and field game with the running pad, Metroid came along. Not only was this an awesome game, and not only did it make us obsess over checking every single inch of space to make sure we got absolutely everything, but it had one hell of a surprise twist that gamers still remember today. Samus is a girl. How. Awesome! Growing up in a time where video games were considered a “boy thing” it was the ultimate sense of satisfaction.
And we end this article with a few honorable mentions: Jadefrom Beyond Good and Evil, who stars in a game that slipped under our radar but we have grabbed a copy for the sheer purpose of being introduced to this reporter out to uncover the truth about her government. Merylfrom Metal Gear Solid, because back when the game came out we weren’t too interested in it, but after seeing some of MGS4 it’s hard not to fangasm over the game and the fact that she is a commander--we have a soft spot for female commanders.       



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