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By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Monday, January 11, 2010
Release Date: Monday, January 11, 2010

The girls educational anime continues. Well, educational for men who likely have never been near a woman at least.

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Nayu is a twelve-year old girl who enters a private school at the top of her class. Her classmates are quickly shocked to discover that on the first day of school, she announces to the whole school everything there is to know about adult lingerie.

Now, it is time for the panty revolution to begin...

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The opening episode of Chu-Bra was a bit odd as it takes young girls and plays up the fanservice side of it but it also played rather well to the basic education side and really did work with a more open approach about undergarments. While there is definitely the creepy factor when you consider when this airs in Japan and the actual target audience, the show is one that I have to admit does work well with one of its intended goals of dealing with such issues openly and honestly. Perhaps I’m a bit more understanding of it considering I have kids that go through different stages of some of this and that colors my view of it, even knowing it’s pretty much intended to be all about the fan service.

This episode focuses on building up the new friendship between Yako, Haruka and Nayu more now that they have had their first tender bonds formed with the start of the new school year. While the opening episode focused on all of them with the mystery of what’s up with Nayu, this one spends a lot of time dealing with a problem that Yako is having. Both girls are flustered by Nayu in a lot of ways because she is so open about her undergarments and wanting to find out what others are wearing. This is actually refreshing for an open discussion because if you can’t talk about the simplest of things such as clothes that help you in your physical growth and development, how can you talk openly and honestly about the harder issues that embarrass both kids and adults later on?

Yako in particular is taking this hard as she’s stressing about her own development, which is nowhere near on the same level as Haruka and Nayu. There’s the peer pressure side now about wearing more adult clothing, at least partially from what Nayu has been saying with its importance, but there’s also the issue of having these discussions with parents while also knowing that everyone is “watching” her when she does her sports activities since her current undergarment setup isn’t quite up to speed. Nayu takes this as a personal mission to help her, though she doesn’t understand quite what Yako’s problem is, as she wants to make sure that Yako is well protected and comfortable as her body grows and changes. And this is actually quite important if Yako is going to continue to participate in athletic activities as she wants to.

In Summary:

There’s a good deal of girly bonding going on here, as well as some cattiness on the fringes from other girls watching this, but also the first hint of male interest as well right at the end that could change the dynamic a bit. In watching Chu-Bra, I can easily see how many people would be offended by this or think it’s just a terrible thing. I can see these aspects as well, mostly if you go by its intended audience. But I can also see the positive elements in this and the simple realism of the situations, excluding Nayu’s extreme love of undergarments, and that’s made me feel conflicted about the show. I don’t set out to love or hate any show but to see what it is and go from there. There are things I don’t like about Chu-Bra but there are things I do and I find it to be one that definitely has some merit and worth – if it actually got beyond that intended audience.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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