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By:Dirk Sonniksen
Date: Friday, January 15, 2010


We are here to pay tribute to the blasting, slicing, dicing power of the most iconic movie weapons. While these heroes and villains have become a mainstay in the homes of millions around the world, where would they be without their signature heat, slashing apparatus or imaginative gadgets? While we could write a book regarding the sheer number of ingenious weaponry, we have chosen 15 of our favorites for your enjoyment.

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

15. Jason’s Machete

The Movie(s): Friday the 13th franchise
While Jason used many creative instruments for his kills (hot poker, ax, spear gun), the machete was his go-to weapon for those special moments. Camp Crystal Lake would never be the same, and by the way... “You’re all doomed!”

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

14. The Minigun

The Movie: Predator
Lovingly referred to as “Ol’ Painless,” this badass machine gun fires 166 rounds per second (yeah, per second), and takes truck batteries to power, making it a formidable and rather unconventional weapon for jungle warfare.

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

13. Mike Myers’ Butcher Knife

The Movie: The Halloween franchise
Myers chose simplicity and stuck (no pun intended) with an old standard—the butcher knife. Mike could have upgraded to something more elaborate after killing his sister, but sometimes you just gotta stick (oops, there it is again) with what works.

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

12. Freddy’s Claw

The Movie: The A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise
Freddy’s claw has become the stuff of nightmares on and off the set since 1984. Born from the twisted mind of Wes Craven, the director claims to have come up with the idea from watching a cat scratch its claws on a couch.   

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

11. Hannibal’s Mouth

The Movie: Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal
Hannibal Lecter gave new meaning to the term, “Using what the good Lord gave you.” While Lecter had no issues bludgeoning someone to death if need be, he preferred to use his incisors and canines to accomplish his more delicate jobs.

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

10. Walther PPK

The Movie: Nearly all of the Bond films
While Bond has had a myriad of funky weapons at his disposal, his standard issue was a Walther PPK. While the Walther took a back seat in a few of the films (Bond misplaces it in Octopussy), it again became Bond’s main firearm in Quantum of Solace.

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

9.Ash's Chainsaw

The Movie:  Evil Dead II
Ash is to creative weaponry what Martha Stewart is to the wicker basket. Ashley gets the “D.I.Y.” award for turning an amputated hand into a nifty killing device. His handy invention also proved effective in modifying his equally iconic shotgun.

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

8. Machine-Gun-Leg-Thing

The Movie: Planet Terror
Yet another amputee that manages to make the best out of a bad situation. Rose McGowan's character, Cherry Darling, shows that being a really limber quadruped has its advantages, particularly with a M4 Carbine (with grenade launcher!) as a prosthesis.

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

7. The Flying Guillotine

The Movie: Master of the Flying Guillotine
Most likely invented by a sadistic haberdasher, The Flying Guillotine is a combination pin cushion, bee keepers' hat, with very unique kitchen cutlery. While not the most practical weapon, those slow and stupid enough to get this thing caught around their noggins are doomed!

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

6. Captive Bolt Pistol

The Movie(s) - No Country for Old Men
We’re not sure if Anton Chigurh spent some time working in a slaughterhouse or if he just sat a spell to ponder his choice of weapon. Whatever the case, the captive bolt pistol is a sure knockout!

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

5. The .44 Magnum

The Movie: Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, The Enforcer, Sudden Impact, The Dead Pool
Dirty Harry made it fashionable to pack a gigantic firearm and waste bad guys on the streets of San Francisco. While some may not be familiar with the signature gun of James Bond, ask anyone what Harry Callahan is packing, and immediately the hulking .44 Magnum comes to mind.

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

4. The M41A Pulse Rifle

The Movie: Aliens
Ripley is one our favorite ass-kicking ladies, made even more so by her ability to handle the M41A Pulse Rifle. This sweet little weapon comes with grenade launcher and a nifty LED counter to keep track of your spent ammo and kills.

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

3. Wolverine’s Claws

The Movie: X-Men, X-Men Origins: Wolverine
This Canadian mutant has incredible healing powers, is super-strong, and possesses some impressive claws! In addition to their destructive power, Wolverine’s claws have become as iconic as any hand-held weapon in film.  

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

2.  Indy’s Bullwhip

The Movie(s) - The Indiana Jones franchise
What better weapon than a bullwhip to transform stiff, geeky professor, Henry Jones, Jr. into Indiana Jones, adventurous badass. It cannot go unnoticed that Indy’s choice of weapon seems symbolic considering his fear of snakes.

Hollywood Iconic Weapons

1. The Lightsaber

The Movie: The Star Wars franchise
The Cadillac of weapons, this rather understated device became the stuff of legend with the release of Star Wars. The Lightsaber may not have the blast power of some of our other entries, but it can be deadly in the hands of a Jedi Knight... or evil lord.
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