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By:Rob M .Worley
Date: Thursday, January 21, 2010

AMC orders 'Walking Dead' pilot. Plus: Campbell talks 'Green Lantern' villainy. Favreau talks 'Iron Man 2'. 'Powers' TV show still in the works and more! Ready for its $30 million buy-out, it's your Comics2Film 10.1.21!




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Favreau Sees Outed Stark as IRON MAN 2 Strength

Director Jon Favreau admits that the world of big-screen superheroes is getting crowded, but in an interview with the Hero Complex blog, he said that there's one element of 'Iron Man 2' that has it sharply departing from the pack.

"The superhero genre has been picked over pretty thoroughly with all the different titles, sequels, reboots. It's tough to keep it fresh and not do something that is derivative of something someone else has done," Favreau said. "By taking a left turn at the end of the first film and making him a public figure, it opened it up to a whole lot of new possibilities. It goes beyond your standard secret identity/caped crusader model."

And what ground does the sequel traverse then?

"The rise of Ceaser -- there are mythic proportions to that. Other genres tackle that type of story on a regular basis but the superhero genre has not, up to this point," Favreau told Hero Complex. "We were able to deal with the ramifications of fame and notoriety and high expectations."

To that end, fans can expect Tony Stark reflect the persona and experiences of actor Robert Downey Jr. to an even greater degree than the first one did.

'Iron Man 2' lands in theaters this May.



Chloe Moretz: Trained to KICK-ASS

MTV Splash Page sits down with 12-year-old actress Chloe Moretz who plays the incorrigible assassin Hit-Girl in the upcoming 'Kick-Ass'.

Fans who have seen Moretz in the trailers for the film know that her character is as foul-mouthed as she is bloodthirsty. But don't blame the child.

"What I like about the character is that she’s an assassin, but at the same time she is still just an 11-year-old girl. She doesn’t know any better; it’s just how she was raised," Moetz said of her character.

Of course, some of that training had to be taken on by the actress herself, who reports that she underwent four months of conditioning to nail the fight choreography required, and also to learn the proper handling of prop guns and weapons. She also had some refreshing insights about the difficulties of doing her own stunts.

"While I was shooting the movie, even though I thought I knew [all the moves], it was still really hard to do," she said of fight choreography. "Because you had to think about acting, and choreography of the scene. So, I’m going to have to be running and jumping and shooting in mid-air, while also thinking about my face and not [counting down the steps] like ‘1…2…3..oh no, I just said it!’ Trying to remember the steps: left foot, then right foot, then jump. That was really confusing."

She also reveals an amusing anecdote about an embarrassing encounter between her real-life father and her on-screen father Nic Cage, so click through for the complete interview.

Chloe Moretz will 'Kick-Ass' on April 16.




A TV version of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's cops and capes series 'Powers' has been in the works at FX network for about a year now. The Premium Hollywood site offers an update on the show via FX's President and General Manager John Landgraf.

"We have a new writer who came in and who’s working with Brian Bendis," Landgraf confirmed. "He’s a really, really good writer who got really excited about the project. He came in, and they pitched us a new take. Because part of what you’re trying to do with ‘Powers’…and I think I said this to you when I talked to you before…is that you have a great property, a really robust property, but it has to be adapted to become a weekly television series. So you’re asking yourself the question, ‘What stays and what goes?’ For example, the Retro Girl murder story: should that whole story be told in the pilot, or do we introduce it and tell it later? But the new writer and Brian have got a good take on it. They came in about two months ago and pitched what they were doing, and it was great."

It's good to hear that Landgraf is positive on the show. While he doesn't name the writer, Bendis revealed back in October that Kevin Falls had come on board as show-runner. Falls had previously developed the shows 'Journeyman' and 'Shark' and was said to be steering 'Powers' more towards the tone of 'The Shield'.



Campbell on GREEN LANTERN Villainy

'Green Lantern' director Martin Campbell recently chatted with IGN about the planned villains for his superhero space opera, although he seemed reluctant to use the word "villain" to describe either of the film's potential heavies. Last week it was announced that Peter Sarsgaard would play Hector Hammond in the film while actor Mark Strong is in negotiations for the role of Sinestro.

But who is the bad guy here?

"Hector is more a victim, I think. Obviously in the comics he does become a villain," Campbell told IGN. He added, "yes, Sinestro is a mentor [to Hal Jordan] but also Tomar-re become almost the mentor. Sinestro, as you the comics he goes over to the dark side. He's very much as he is in the origin version of the comics."

Check out Campbell's video taped comments.



WALKING DEAD Pilot Approved by AMC

According to the Hollywood Reporter, cable net AMC has approved an order on two new pilots, one of them based on Robert Kirkman's excellent and long-running (or is it long-shambling) comics series 'The Walking Dead'.

Regular readers here know that the planned TV series has been in development with filmmaker Frank Darabont since last summer. Darabont is serving as writer, director and executive producer of the project, with Gale Anne Hurd of Valhalla Pictures and David Alpert of Circle of Confusion also executive producing.

According to The Reporter, the 'Walking Dead' deal at AMC marks one of network's biggest development deals to date.

Many TV pilots are produced each year without ever going to series or seeing the light of day. However, the fact that 'Walking Dead' has moved to a pilot order this quickly is a good indication that things are coming together nicely on the project. Hopefully we'll see this on TV within a year.

What do you think, Maniacs? Are you psyched for a cool WALKING DEAD TV show on AMC? Post your comments below...

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