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By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Thursday, January 21, 2010
Release Date: Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look! Maids! Watch us! is what this show now screams loudly.
What They Say:
While Himari is an excellent fighter, she feels she is rather unfeminine. With Kisaragi-sensei's help, she finds work at a coffee shop. Following senior waitress and tea-lover Lizlet's advice, Himari gains enormous popularity as an actual cat-ear maid. However, something inhuman is present in this store as well.
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As the show moves into its third episode, the harem building aspect continues right along now that some of the danger is out of the way, though more does lurk around every corner. The main threat as seen by Shizuku in the previous beach episode stoked those fires nicely as the Ayakashi are intent on making sure that Yuto doesn’t threaten them now that he’s the known Demon Slayer that will destroy them all. Providing the wind doesn’t blow him over first of course
Naturally, Shizuku is curious about whether this young guy is who he says to be when it comes to not wanting to kill anyone, so she ends up appearing in the tub with him to start getting familiar. What this leads to is Shizuku basically moving into the house so she can check him out for the time being and see if he’s really being truthful or not. Himari is against the idea as she doesn’t trust her while Rinko is simply getting tired of all the competition that’s showing up. And while Shizuku may not be competition in the physical/romance sense, she makes up for it in other areas by apparently being highly domestic as she does dishes, laundry and cooking with ease. Both Rinko and Himari have issue with that and don’t take kindly to her presence. 
Yuto is, of course, a complete and total pushover here.
The situation has Himari being guided by her teacher to take a job at a local maid café and that works well for Himari since she can be a true catgirl in there and it pays off for her. What’s setting things for some difficulty though is that the woman who seemingly does everything in there in the cute maid outfit, Lizlet, isn’t all she seems to be. When Shizuku arrives, it comes out quickly that Lizlet is actually a Western Ayakashi and that starts setting up all sorts of tensions between Himari and Lizlet until it all boils over like a bad cup of tea. Rinko and Yuto get caught up in it until there’s a bit of a reveal about the true nature of what’s going on here, but it is sadly painfully obvious from the start when we first see the café what it is.
In Summary:
And painfully obvious is what this show has been about from the start, so this episode is no exception. What we get is a nicely animated, bouncy and flouncy piece of work with some fanservice, predictable costumes and the usual frustrations by the human characters as they deal with more Ayakashi moving into their lives. And there’s even a tiny little nod at the end about who will appear next week! You know there has to be more than just what we have here. Omamori Himari doesn’t offer anything new but it does what it’s expected to do fairly well and without any serious flaws. If you were new to anime, this would be cute and fun. If you can latch onto a particular character, you might get more out of it instead of just watching an anime-by-numbers show play out for several weeks.
Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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