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By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Thursday, February 04, 2010
Release Date: Thursday, February 04, 2010

The truth about Himari is revealed in more ways than one.

What They Say
'A Troubled Cat and Composure'
Himari's spirits sink after she allows Yuto to come to harm, while Yuto begins to feels guilty about Himari throwing herself in harm's way for his sake. Determined to awaken his demon slayer's powers and fight for himself, Yuto asks Shizuku to help him train. When Liz and Rinko arrive, the lucky Yuto finds himself in the middle of a harem of eager women

The Review!
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Closing in on the halfway mark of the series, Omamori Himari has a fairly laid back episode for the most part with a good deal of fanservice mixed in. The balance of the two is rather nicely done but you know that this show is mostly about action harem fanservice material so there really aren't any surprises to be had. What happens at this point is that we're getting comfortable with the characters and the situations so it's time to add in a little more background to create a bit of tension as well as highlight a big potential dramatic moment '" when Yuto must kill Himari.

There were some good revelations in the previous episode where Yuto's memories started flowing back to him. This time around, with everyone recovering from the action, it's Shizuku who's spilling the beans a bit. Yuto's concerned about the way Himari has to fight for him, but when he discovers that the 'taint of bloodshed' could push her beyond her limits some day to where she'd attack her master, it makes him even more concerned. It also points to the possibility that when he does master his powers as a Demon Slayer, she would be the first ayakashi he'd have to kill. There's also a nice twist given to the memories he's gotten back in that he learns that the girl he kissed wasn't Himari but someone who looks like she does now, which sets Himari to being a bit quiet and Yuto wondering who it was back then.

The fanservice side of the show is quite amusing as Yuto decides that he'll learn to defend himself having experience battled now. He wants to lessen the impact on Himari so he enlists Shizuku to help him, though she's not exactly keen to do so since it helps Himari and she's not interested in that. But Shizuku is a crafty one and she brings in both Liz and Rinko to help out when they go to a park to practice. Her first lesson is all about teaching Yuto to learn control of his composure so he doesn't panic or freak out. And what better way to do that with a young man than to have attractive women rub up against him aggressively? Rinko's not into that at first, but when she sees both Liz and Shizuku straddling him a fair bit gets her to step up her game, though Liz is crueler about it than I expected. It's a nice bit of skin and sexuality that turns into carnage when Himari arrives.

In Summary:
Expectations for Omamori Himari are still low but there are a few good moments to be had here. We learn that each of the twelve families have an ability that separates them from the others and that those families are watching Yuto and the others. Himari's nature looks to be more problematic and dramatic in the future and we also get a healthy dose of fanservice throughout, whether it's Himari bathing naked in the lake or Rinko exposing her chest to try and compete with Liz. It is all fairly predictable but it's becoming familiar and comfortable now to the point where it can make you smile a bit and enjoy it while knowing that ultimately it's forgettable fluff.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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