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Date: Thursday, February 11, 2010
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Hughes Bros to helm live-action 'Akira'. Plus: 'Spider-Man' swinging in 3D. A 'Superman' script already complete? A 'Batman' script already complete? More! You and this little C2 unit have been through a lot together. Your Comics2Film 10.2.11!




Comic Book Resources talks to comics creator Len Wein about the 'Human Target' TV show, based on the character that he created.



WALKING DEAD Filming in May?

Frank Darabont's TV pilot for Robert Kirkman's 'The Walking Dead' will film this May, according to Bloody Disgusting. Shooting is to take place in Atlanta, GA.



Gibson set for TRANSFORMERS 3

In an announcement that will surprise no one, Tyrese Gibson has confirmed that he's on board for Michael Bay's 'Transformers 3', filming this summer.

From Twitter, the actor enthused, "Yes I will for sure be in Transformers 3.. Get Ready!! Epps is here to STAY!!"

This is great news for all the fans out there who know that the 'Transformers' mythology simply does not work without Sgt. Robert Epps.




The much-discussed 'Spider-Man' relaunch will now be in 3D according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Marc Webb ('(500) Days of Summer') was hired last month to retool the aging franchise after director Sam Raimi left the series over creative differences.

The movie is set to begin filming later this year for a release on July 3, 2012. It was previously speculated that the long production window was in place in order to accommodate the 3D process. Now Sony is confirming it with a Wednesday announcement.

"Spider-Man is one of the most popular characters in the world, and we know audiences are eager and excited to discover Marc's fantastic vision," Sony worldwide marketing & distribution chairman Jeff Blake said.

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THOR To Make a Big Impact on New Mexico

Although it was reported back in November that part of the 'Thor' production would take place in New Mexcio, Governor Bill Richardson's office announced the project's location work on Tuesday.

The Marvel movie is expected to bring 200 jobs for residents of the state.

"I am pleased that Marvel has chosen to film in New Mexico and I welcome them to the Land of Enchantment," said Governor Richardson. "New Mexico continues to attract major productions, which creates high-wage jobs for our citizens, opportunities for local businesses, and bringing revenue to the state at a critical time. This speaks volumes about our film program and our large and experienced film industry workforce."

Specific filming dates were not provided in the announcement. The project is currently shooting in Los Angeles.



Will SMALLVILLE Get a Season 10?

Spoiler TV is reporting that 'Smallville' is among the series that The CW is on the brink of renewing. The net is said to be "finalizing paperwork" on the show along with 'Gossip Girl','90210,' 'Supernatural,' 'ANTM' and 'The Vampire Diaries'.

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David Self Gives DEATHLOK Report

Marvel's killer cyborg 'Deathlok' has long been in various stages of development. A while back David Self came on board to wok the script for it. Now out promoting 'The Wolfman', Self told Super Hero Hype that he's heard little of the project in years.

"I don't know what’s going with that movie honestly," Self said to SHH. "I haven't talked to the producers recently about that. I did a rewrite on it several years ago and it shows up on my IMDb all the time. It's been a long while since I worked on it, but I would love to see that happen soon. I love that story and I love that character."



Is Papa Cast in the SMURFS Film?

UGO seems to be your nexus for scoops on the upcoming 'Smurfs' movie. This week they're reporting that legendary comedian/actor Jonathan Winters has been cast as Papa Smurf in the film.

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Tom Kenny Doubles Up SUPER HERO SQUAD

Comic Book Resources chats with voice actor Tom Kenny, who plays both Captain America and Iron Man (along with a host of other Marvel characters) on Cartoon Network's 'Super Hero Squad' show.

Click through for the interview.

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Big Announcements Coming on DC Superhero Films? peels back the curtains at DC Entertainment and claims there are some big announcements coming soon.

According to their report, producers Chuck Roven and Joel Silver, who have had their hands on many of the big DCU characters for years, will no longer be involved with the planned 'Wonder Woman' and 'Flash' movies. Silver has had the Amazon movie on his plate for over 10 years now and seems unable to launch it. 'Dark Knight' producer Roven has been putting the speedster through the paces a shorter time. Regardless, the new DC Entertainment branch of Warner Bros are allegedly taking the two crown jewels in house.

On the 'Batman 3' front, IESB is reporting that Jonah Nolan as already written the first draft of the screenplay for the film.

Then there's the newly unveiled 'Superman' re-reboot, which Christopher Nolan is said to be master-minding. Supposedly Warner Bros. actually has a script for the man of steel that they like and that script is to serve as a starting point for Nolan's efforts.

IESB attributes all of the info to "insiders", but says the info will be confirmed in coming months.

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Hughes Brothers to Helm AKIRA Live Action

'Book of Eli' directors Albert and Allen Hughes are said to be in negotiations with Warner Bros to direct the live-action 'Akira' movie, according to New York Magazine's Vulture.

The film has been in development since 2002 and has passed through the hands of many directors and screenwriters. Last June, the internet rumor mill declared the movie "dead as a doornail", only to see it rise again a few short months later with 'Iron Man' writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby working on a new script.

Adapting the sprawling, epic manga series is now easy task, but the plan now is to break the story up into several films with the first movie covering the first three volumes of the manga.

Leonardo DiCaprio remains a producer on the project, along with Andrew Lazar ('Jonah Hex').

What do you think, Maniacs? Should there be an AKIRA live-action movie? Are the Hughes Bros the right guys to make it? Post your comments below...



MARKUS FANG Animation Test Video

Yesterday we mentioned the comic property 'Markus Fang', created by screenwriter Ross LaManna and comics creator/animator Shannon Eric Denton.

We also mentioned that there had been a short motion capture, CG-animated film made to show case the character during the early movie pitches. Well, yesterday LaManna sent us a copy of the film for your enjoyment. The movie features the martial arts work of actor Russell Wong who, along with noted stunt doubles for Jackie Chan and Jet Li, provided the motion capture work.

It was made around 2001 for no money but tons of support from LaManna and Denton's networks. 'Star Trek' veteran Dennis McCarthy provided the score for the 90 second clip.

Check it out!

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