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By:Rob M .Worley
Date: Tuesday, February 16, 2010
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Meet the new 'Conan' (hey...didn't we already meet him)! Plus: Favreau updates on 'Iron Man 2'. New 'Kick-Ass' posters. Weaving not a fan of his 'Transformers movies. More! Don't need no credit card to ride this train, it's your Comics2Film 10.2.16!



Allison Mack talks SMALLVILLE

'Smallville' fans are directed to an exclusive Q & A with Ms. Allison Mack over at Newsarama. Besides Tom Welling, Mack is the only original cast left on the show and she's also been directing episodes since season 8. Check out the interview for insights into season nine.

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More Confirmation of DCU Features Coming

The New York Times takes a look at Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov's plans to reshape the studio for future success. Part of that plan is to leverage DC Comics properties into film franchises as successfully as Marvel has.

The article confirms last week's reports that some announcements are in the pipeline regarding 'Wonder Woman' and 'The Flash'.

Few other details are revealed, but ccording to the article, Robinov's approach focuses on making movies with visionary filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, rather than simply pumping out films that looks like Hollywood packaged product.

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Gatt talks THOR

Actor/stunt player Joseph Gatt talked with about his recent experiences on the set of Marvel's 'Thor' movie with director Kenneth Branagh. Of course Gatt couldn't reveal much but had plenty of praise for the production and its director so far.

"The first day was very exciting. We ate lunch and then a couple of us had a walk through the 6 sound stages filled with the most beautiful sets I'd ever seen," Gatt said, describing the set. "The designers and carpenters have done an amazing job on this picture. I can't tell you anything about the designs except that they will please everyone, from the fan who has been reading Thor since he was 5 to the person who know nothing about Thor, Asgard or The Warriors Three!!!"

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Hit Girl poster from UK KICK-ASS Campaign

New KICK-ASS Poster

Empire Online unveiled yet another new UK poster for 'Kick-Ass'. This one features a design consistent with the previous UK poster, and has Chloe Moretz' Hit-Girl on it.



Weaving is no Fan of his TRANSFORMERS Movies

Out doing press for 'The Wolfman', actor Hugo Weaving revealed to Australia's The Age that he's really not a fan of the 'Transformers' movies. This is a bit of a surprise, considering that he's lent his voice to both of them as the villainous Megatron.

When asked about whether or not he's returning for 'Transformers 3', which beings production this summer, Weaving laughed and said, "Oh no, They're not making 'Transformers III', are they?"

He then admits that he hasn't been terribly involved in any of the films so far, or even seen them.

"[Director] Michael Bay talks to me on the phone. I've never met him. We were doing the voice for the second one and I still hadn't seen the first one," Weaving said. "I still didn't really know who the characters were and I didn't know what anything was. It's a voice job, for sure, and people assume I've spent my life working on it, but I really know so little about it."

Somebody get Frank Welker on the phone.



Wright Still Working on SCOTT PILGRIM

Apparently in various write ups about the 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' movie, people are saying that Edgar Wright has completed work on the film. This caused a bit of consternation on the part of the director who hoped to clarify things with a twitter post this morning.

"For some reason it keeps cropping up in interviews that I've finished Scott Pilgrim. Uh. This is not the case. Still a lorra [sic] work to do," Wright wrote. If you didn't know, "lorra" is a term clever Brits use when they want to tweet the word "lotta" but can't move their left index finger to the right.

At any rate, while Wright has certain been wrapped for months in terms of photography, there's still editing, visual effects, scoring, sound mixing and a host of post-production tasks.



It's the return of...

Jon Favreau Tweets About IRON MAN 2

Speaking of scores and sound mixes, director Jon Favreau has been tweeting up a storm about the latest work on 'Iron Man 2' (which ain't too far away now, kids).

Late last week Favreau posted a number of tweets about sitting in on the scoring sessions with John Debney at Abbey Road studio in London. He even posted a picture from the studio. More interesting are Debney's own tweets about the process;

Finally, late last night Favreau closed off the scoring session with this tweet:

"Iron Man 2 begins its final sound mix tomorrow. Can't wait to see what Skywalker Sound has up their sleeve."

The highly anticipated Marvel sequel blasts into theaters May 7th.



Meet the new CONAN!

Latino Review has revealed the name of the actor who will be playing the Robert E. Howard's barbarian king in the new 'Conan' movie.

What's that you say? We already learned weeks ago that 'Stargate: Atlantis' actor Jason Momoa is playing the part?

True, but LR has the exclusive on the casting of 12-year-old actor Leo Howard who will be playing young Conan in the first act of the film. Fans have seen Howard playing a young version of a violent hero before. He was kid Snake Eyes in last summers 'G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra'.

'Friday the 13th' director Marcus Nispel is directing 'Conan', set to roll cameras in March in Bulgaria.

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