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By:Rob M .Worley
Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010
Source: Various

Conflicting reports fly on word that David Goyer is writing 'Superman' movie! Plus: 'Conan' casting and script talk. 'Captain America' casting and budget talk. 'Justice League: Crisis' round up and more! Tripped on its way in and got kicked outside, it's your Comics2Film 10.2.25!




There's some new footage to be found in the TV ad for 'The Losers'. The clip is not embeddable so you'll have to click-through to view. The movie opens April 23rd.

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Turner Producing Toons Based on Indian Comics

A brief blurb from Variety details a pact between Turner broadcasting, Indian comic creator Amar Chitra Katha Media and Animagic Studios to produce two animated features and one TV series.

The first feature will be 'Tripura: The Three Cities of Maya', based on the comics which focus on the battle between the gods and the demons over the three cities of Maya.




The new DCU Animated movie 'Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths' dropped on the DVD and Blu-Ray markets this week. We've got a round up o' interesting links for your perusal.

Mania's own Tim Janson took a gander at the DVD set and rendered his review, grading the film a B+ and saying that it plays like a really strong episode of the Justice League animated series.

We also posted a new clip from the show in our video gallery just this morning. In the latest footage Owlman discovers good Lex Luthor's technology that enables him to travel to alternate worlds.

Fans may know that there's a cool animated short featuring 'The Spectre' on the release as well. Check out a nice Q & A with screenwriter Steve Niles about his work on the feature. We've also got a video clip previewing DC's spirit of vengeance.

Finally, Newsarama chats up producer Bruce Timm who talks about the movie. Most interesting are Timm's comments about a 'Green Arrow' animated feature he tried to get going before the bean counters decided that nobody would buy an Oliver Queen movie. Perhaps that's changed now that Ollie is such a popular player on 'Smallville'.

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In case you missed it, C2F posted a special report yesterday about the list of potential leading men for the 'Captain America' movie. There have been a few updates since then.

For one, the Heat Vision blog have updated their story to confirm that 'Supernatural' actor Jensen Ackles did, in fact, audtion for the part and was apparently well-liked, but has since bowed out due to scheduling conflicts.

Meanwhile Deadline.com, who may have actually been first in breaking the news of Marvel's short list yesterday, says any actor who signs on for Cap will likely be young and hungry and willing to accept a not-so-glamorous deal. A relative unknown will get about $300k for the movie and will have to commit to numerous sequels and, of course, 'The Avengers' spin-off.

Regular readers of C2F will recall that Marvel has proven notoriously frugal in their pay structure for actors, as evidenced by reports on Terrence Howard, Jon Favreau, Samuel L. Jackson, Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johansson who all had their respective difficulties around tight contracts for 'Iron Man 2'.

One fascinating note from the Deadline.com report: Director Joe Johnston supposedly quit the film at one point after being told by Marvel that the budget for the film was too high and "he'd have to take a pay cut." Obviously things have been worked out to everyone's satisfaction.



Rourke to Play CONAN's Father?

With the 'Conan' movie set to film under the direction of Marcus Nispel this year, the cast is beginning to fill out.

According to Deadline.com, Millennium Films and Lionsgate are looking to hire Mickey Rourke to play Corin, father to the title character (played by Jason Momoa). However, the actor is also in negotiations for the role of King Hyperion in 'War of the Gods'.

Deadline says the two movies have similar filming schedules so it may be impossible for Rourke to do both.

He will be seen next in 'Iron Man 2'.



Hood Rewriting CONAN

And speaking of 'Conan', SuperHeroHype reports that writer Sean Hood is busy reworking the script to beat the March 15th shooting deadline.

Hood's previous credits include 'Halloween: Resurrection' and 'Cube 2'. He's also worked for Millennium Films on their similarly-themed 'Hercules' project and worked with director Marcus Nispel on a sci-fi thriller called 'Subterranean'.



Monzikova Talks IRON MAN 2

You may know here as the popular blond model from Deal or No Deal. You may also recognize her as cover artist Greg Horn's model for Emma Frost on numerous Marvel comics covers. But model/actress Anya Monzikova also has a small role in 'Iron Man 2'.

She chatted with FilmReviews2Go about her small part in the film as a character called Rebekah. She couldn't say much about her role other than she has "a really fun scene." She did answers some questions about her on-set experience.

Here's an excerpt:

FR2G: Were you nervous auditioning for Jon Favreau for Iron Man 2? How was it working with him?

Anya: No, I wasn’t really nervous. Just because Jon is such an approachable guy and everyone on set made me feel really comfortable; including Robert Downey Jr. He was a really giving actor that gave you room to improv.  So working with Jon and the rest of the cast was an amazing experience.

FR2G: Your ability to speak Russian also landed you another position on the Iron Man movie set. How was it working with Scarlett Johansson?

Anya: Well Jon asked me to translate a few lines on set for Scarlett in Russian and that was really cool!! After she shot her takes, Jon asked which takes sounded good for dialect and that was a surreal moment … To have the director ask my opinion!

Click through for the entire interview.

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Design illustration for THOR: SON OF ASGARD by Phil Bourassa

THOR: SON OF ASGARD Artwork Online

Fans curious about the upcoming Marvel animated movie 'Thor: Son of Asgard' can click over to the DevianArt page of Phil Bourassa for a preview. Bourassa is an animation pro who has worked on numerous projects, including the just-released 'Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths' movie. He's got designs of young Thor, Fandral and Falstaff posted at the moment.



IRON MAN 2 Costumes

If you're looking for 'Iron Man 2' themed costumes to wear this Halloween, CostumeCraze.com has the hookup with new suits for Iron Man, Whiplash, War Machine, Ironette and Black Widow! Check out the photos!

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KICK-ASS Site Updtaed

The official website for 'Kick-Ass' has been updated. Nothing too amazing to be found there, aside from the usual assortments of photos, trailers and the like.



Goyer To Restructure SUPERMAN for the Big Screen?

It's pretty rare that a report causes such a storm of denials, confirmations, rebuttals and reactions in such a short period of time but when Latino Review filed their report that filmmkaer David S. Goyer has been hired to write a script for the new 'Superman' movie, they definitely sparked a lot of conversation on a hot topic.

A regular but anonymous source for the site made the claim that Goyer had pitched an idea that clicked with Legendary Films chief Thomas Tull. Goyer's take would be based on John Byrne's famous reboot comic 'Superman: The Man of Steel'. Indeed, the movie is supposedly being referred to as simply 'The Man of Steel' at this point.

The Review's source said the movie will include Lex Luthor and Brainiac as villains, and will not bother with the character's origins, since that ground is already well trod. Goyer's story would purportedly set up "a huge Kryptonian mythology."

Quickly following up on the scoop were Ain't it Cool and Hitfix's Motion Captured blog. Drew McWeeny at HitFix's inside sources ("someone who absolutely is in a position to know") say that Goyer has not been hired and nothing is movie forward on the movie at this point. However, he allows that it could be very likely that Goyer has pitched something, is in talks and could be hired in the near future.

Harry Knowles at Ain't it Cool bluntly told his readers that the story, "just frankly isn't true," in a seeming dismissal of the entire report. A pretty bold claim, except that he was able to name his source and that source is none other than Thomas Tull himself. But, as regular C2F readers know, Hollywood folks can be very cagey about what they'll admit to, and without a direct quote from Tull, his denial of the report is open to interpretation. Is he refuting everything? Or is he simply denying that Goyer is a done deal at this point?

A follow-up at IGN suggests that Tull's denial is just him being politically cautious. Their "reliable sources" tell them that not only is Goyer on the project, but his 'Batman' collaborator Jonathan Nolan is co-writing. All of this dovetails with last week's report that Christopher Nolan is masterminding the project. IGN says Chris Nolan's role will be that of a hands-on executive producer.

Finally, Variety confirms that Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures are negotiating with Goyer, although they make no mention of Jonah Nolan working with him on the script. They do mention that Goyer may bring in a co-writer. Likewise any potential involvement from Christopher Nolan is not mentioned at all. Citing sources at both companies, they describe Goyer's take as, "a more action-packed idea that involves Superman battling arch-nemesis Lex Luthor and super villain Brainiac."

And an interesting footnote to the story: Latino Review's scooper took a moment to trash-talk Mr. Mark Millar. The bombastic comics creator very famously touted his own ambitions to re-develop the 'Superman' film franchise with 'Kick-Ass' director Matthew Vaughn.

While we have our fun with Millar's hyperbolic comments here on C2F, Latino Review took things to a new level, writing, "[Remember how] Mark Millar walks around acting like he was going to write it?  El Taco discovered that this was always BULLSHIT.  Paul Levitz hated the guy and he was never even discussed to write it.  He made all that 'almost' stuff up."

Of course, Millar doesn't really enjoy being called an outright liar. On his message boards he responds:

Awesome for Goyer. He’s a brilliant writer and a mate of mine so feel this could not be in better hands.

But I must stress that the “inside info” on my relationship to the movie is nonsense. I’ve said on record that WB had direct and serious talks with Vaughn and Vaughn was only doing it if we did it together. This didn’t work out and we’re doing something else, but the notion that it’s fiction is insane. I can say on record that Vaughn had meetings with them about our ideas over a year ago.

I can’t stand these massive declarations coming from “unknown sources”. I’ve always liked Latino Review so this is quite uncool.

As self-promoting as Millar's Superman adventure stories may have been, they are totally plausible. Mark Millar may be an amusing (or annoying to some) huckster, but he's no liar.

That's a lot of Superman talk, Maniacs! What do you think? Post your comments below...

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